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Piya Rangrezz 12th October 2015 Written Update

Piya Rangrezz watch online

Mama panics thinking each family member has someone with them and he is alone now, child may attack him. Aditya holds his shoulder from behind and he gets afraid. Aditya says he has a solution for his problem and gives him alcohol bottle. Mama gets inebriated with whole bottle and starts talking about child. Aditya says he must be having a pat with child, esle he would not get afraid. Mama tries to change topic. Aditya shows him English bottle and says if he tells him what Bhavri did with child, he will give him many bottles like this. Mama tells jiji did everthing. Aditya asks to tell it clearly. Mama says he warned jiji not to do that, but she did not listen and continued. Aditya asks what did she do. Mama snatches bottle and laughs. Aditya fumes.

In the morning, Shraddha prays god to save her family from problems. Mama comes and takes aarti forcefully. Shraddha gives him prasad. Bhavri comes and asks what is he doing. Mama says he is doing pooja and asks her to join. Bhavri says god does not give protection and shows gun. He runs taking pooja thread. Bhavri asks Shraddha what does she need, why is she frightening family members. Shraddha asks what is she telling. Bhavri says she knows she is doing this to stop Sher’s marriage. Shraddha says she has mistaken. Bhavri says she will clear everything and asks her to get out. Shraddha gets tensed. Bhavri says she is asking her to go out with everyone and she will get her out finally once Sher and chanda’s marriage happens. Shraddha joins all family members outside house.

Bhavri also comes out and asks servants to search whole house and bring the child who is troubling them. Servants get in while she relaxes on chair. Servants check whole house. One of them finds kitchen cupboard open and it, but finds grocery boxes. Servants then come out and tell they searched whole house and did not any child. Mama gets more afraid. Bhavri says now everyone can get in safely and asks servants to guard house and not let anyone in without her permission and if anyone sleeps, she will shoot them. She asks Munna mama to sit near gate and note down all guests’ phone number, address, etc. She then asks Sumer to help mama and asks Sunehri and Vikas to decorate whole haveli like a bride. She asks Gajra if she will just eat and says she should help cook prepare tasty food and tells Shraddha to draw big rangoli in front of gate main door so that people know it is a big function and then greet people so that people should not know how much she is happy about her ex-husband’s remarriage. Shraddha sadly stands.

Shraddha draw rangoli in front of gate although mama checks everyone coming in. A Woman tries to enter with small children. Mama stops her and asks whose Youngsters are these. She says her Young children and she has occur that can help cook right now. Mama asks Sumer to ask Prepare dinner and tells Girl that small children can’t stay below. Lady states her spouse will work in mumbai and she or he can not Enable kids alone in the home, they may assist her put together dough, etcetera. Mama reciting hanuman chalisa applies tilak on kids. One of them will get scared and operates powering mother. He attempts to slap child, but Shraddha retains his hand and asks why is he beating kid. He asks if he can not see is boy or girl performing with him. Shraddha consoles boy or girl and asks mama if he are unable to see little ones arrived with their mom. Mama shouts that she forgot Sher divorced her and he or she is just a servant here, now He’ll display her well worth. He holds her hand which is about to strike when Sher retains his hand and pushes him. Mama receives worried. Sher states mama he need to have forgotten that Shraddha is a lady and Sher Singh can’t see woman insulted While she’s a stranger. He really should be mindful, else he are going to be kicked out. Mama fumes.

Mama cries in front of Bhavri and complains that Sher slapped him in front of Shraddha and forgot how he brought him up like his own boy or girl. He is not going to marry Chanda and nonetheless enjoys Shraddha. He goes from right here and can arrive through raksha bandhan. Bhavri is stunned to listen to that and shouts Sher’s name.

Precap: Bhavri asks Shraddha to help make Chanda like her to make sure that Sher accepts Chanda and kick Shraddha out from his coronary heart.

Written Update By Sahir


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