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Piya Rangrezz 12th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Bhavri tells Shamsher that Pandit told someone from family will die in 72 hours, so Aradhya will. She has planned that her henchman will kill Aradhya and she wll blame it on Chanda. Shamsher says she tried to separate him from his brother, let her die.

Mama comes and asks Shamsher to call Manohar that he is not angry on him and to come back home. Samsher says he just frightened Manohar as Veer got a complaint that Manohar misbehaved with a girl and is not angry on him. Mama calls Manohar, but his phone is switched off. Bhavri says Manohar called her and was murmuring something. Munmun says he did not come home yesterday as he is afraid of Shamsher and if something happens to him, Shamsher is to be blamed. Bhavri asks if he went with guards. Mama says no. She scolds mama for sending Manohar without guards and orders to find him soon.

Manohar reaches outside home and sees Veer there. He hides behind car. Veer sees inspector urinating facing his face opposite side, calls him, slaps and shouts he asked him to capture Manohar and he is fagging around.

Aradhya asks her friend to select clothes for tonight’s party. Arjun enters and starts flirting with her. Friend leaves to prepare tea for him and jokes not to flirt with her friend. Arjun continues and then dorns veil on Aradhya and his eyes will be only on her during tonight’s party.

Munmun calls Manohar’s friends and does not find Manohar with anyone. She thinks she has to find him soon. Mama asks where is she going. She says to find Manohar. He says Shamsher has gone to find him. She says Manohar will not come in front of Shamsher, so she has to go.

Shamsher searches Manohar everywhere. He tiredly stands on highway. A car passes by splashing dirt on him. He calls Veer and asks him to find out Manohar soon. Veer asks him to go home and let him find Manohar. Shamsher gives Aradhya’s pic to henchman and asks him to kill at any cost. Veer records his end line. Shamsher comes home. Servant asks about dirt on his clothes. Shamsher scolds him and gets inside home.

Manohar gives chit to his friend and asks him to give it only to aji amma.

Shamsher gets ready in sherwani for party and asks aji amma to get ready soon before Tilakraj’s family comes. She asks if Manohar is found. He says he asked Veer to find him. Veer enters just then and asks her not worry and starts showing fake concern.

Party starts and guests start flowing in. Arjun looks at door repeatedly. He then asks Munmun where is Anjali. She says she has gone out. He says how can she go out when her brother’s engagement is today. Aradhya comes with Tilakrajj and aunt. Arjun starts starting her. Munmun asks to go and greet them. Arjun rushes towards door. Bhavri with mama greets Tilakraj’s family, throws flowers on them and performs aarti. Aradhya touches Bhavri’s feet. Bhavri blesses her and says she is looking very beautiful. Aradhya looks at Arjun. Friend taunts Aradhya that jiju staring at her. They all get in.

Precap: Shamsher finds Manohar in jungle. Manohar runs towards him. Veer shoots Manohar hiding.

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