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Piya Rangrezz 11th December 2015 Written Update

Chanda is shocked to see Bhavri and Shraddha free in front of her. Bhavri says Chanda is world’s unique bride. Vikas says she is right, Chanda’s waist band is also unique. Chanda shockingly asks how did she inform Sher. Bhavri says she left her jewelry all the way for Sher. Sher picks jewelry and reaches spot. Chanda tries to free herself from Sher’s clutch unsuccessfully. Bhavri says she told her that after 15 min, it will be her time, her Lalla came before by 10 min itself. She reminisces Sher reaching spot and diffusing bomb.

Chanda repeatedly tries to free herself unsuccessfully. Bhavri says Sher to finish Chanda. Sher says she tried to kill his amma and Shraddha with bomb, now she will die with same bomb. Vikas ties her legs and hands and ties bomb on her waist. Chanda pleads to free her. Sher says he hates her for whatever she did, so he is bursting he with bomb. Vikas asks if she needs medicines now. Sher says let us go now and walks with his group. Shraddha runs and stops Chanda’s bomb and says Sher that Chanda is mentally ill and not them, so they cannot kill her and should send her to mental hospital. Bhavri says Chanda she wanted to kill Shraddha, but she saved her. Sher orders Vikas and Sumer to drop chanda into mental hospital. Chanda resists that Sher betrayed her and she will not spare him. Bhavri says she will not let her near Sher. Vikas and Sumer take Chanda in car to mental hospital.

Mama tells Bhavri that their big problem is solved. Bhavri gives him bomb and says she gave his problem to him. Mama gives bomb to gumman and asks to throw it. Shraddha cries holding her stomach. They all rush her to hospital.

Vikas and Sumer bring Chanda to mental hospital. Doctor alleges them that they tortured innocent Chanda, so she is afraid of them and is not mad. They both say she is mad and will kill everyone if left free. Doc says she is not and takes her to room consoling. Chanda acts as innocent. Doc sends Vikas and Sumer out and locks door from outside. Chanda thinks she will escape from here soon.

Doctor checks Shraddha and tells Bhavri and Sher that babies and mother are fine. Mother is having high BP. With medicine, she will be fine. Sher says Shraddha did not take her multivitamins since some days, so she should prescribe multivitamins for child’s safety. Doc says they are twins and not single baby. Bhavri and Sher get very happy and Bhavri says she will take care of her grandchildren like princes and gives doc money bundle and asks to spend it on poor patients.

Chanda fumes reminiscing Sher’s words and shows her usual schizophrenic gestures. Doc comes and she acts as afraid again. Doc gives her injection. She asks if they are playing doctor doctor. Doc says yes and gets busy dictating case to nurse. Chanda senses opportunity and tries to escape locking them in. Peons catch her and send her back. She opens door and pleads doc that she is not mad and is just a victim. Doc says even he feels same and will know after her brain mapping tomorrow, asks her to rest and leaves locking door from outside.

Bhavri reaches home with mama, Sher and Shraddha. Mama congratulates her that she is 2 children’s grandma now. Sher tries to enter with Shraddha, but Bhavri stops them and says she has to clear her issues with Bhavri first. Mama asks what is this new issue now. Bhavri says she accepted Sher and his children till now and not Shraddha. Sher asks what happened now. Bhavri asks Shraddha not to enter in until she says and goes in. Mama says what is happening now. Sunehri and others come and stand smiling. Sher asks what is amma doing. Sunehri says she went into kitchen and don’t know what she will do. Sher and Shraddha look tensely.

Precap: Sher and Shraddha promote 14th December maha episode.

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