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Piya Rangrezz 10th March 2016 Written Episode Update

Kulvinder tells Jassi that he wants her to concentrate on her studies and he is there to take care of school fees. He is still competent and has not lost hope. He continues with his speech. He says he will even help Jassi and Jogi with their studies.

Ria walks on street after taking exam papers from Adi and thinks Adi is good and Jogi is wrong. Jogi sees her and says if she saw true colors of Adi manav. She asks him to stop nick naming Adi and says he was at home when she went there. Jogi says he was just in a restaurant with friends. Ria says she saw him, but not her, so she will trust Adi and says he is getting insecure. Jogi asks why will he feel insecure, if he had to, he would have informed aunty/Simran other day that she was with someone else and not him. Simran comes and asks what he wants to say. Jogi says he wants to tell that Ria is not concentrating on student of the year competition.

Kulvinder teaches Jogi and Jassi. They both get bored. Surinder brings food and Jogi thanks her for stopping dad. Surinder says they will get food only if they answer questions. Jassi answers questions, but Jogi with her jokergiri shares food. Family enjoys food and question and answer session.

Ria goes to her room and keeps exam papers on bed. Simran enters and Ria yells to knock and come in before intruding her privacy. Simran says she is not checking her mobile. Ria drops papers under table silently. Simran finds papers and asks if Jogi gave it, she will complain against him to Surinder. Ria says Jogi did not but she will not say who gave it and will not use those papers. Simran says if she does not tell who gave it, she will inform Raj. Ria says Raj will scold her instead for hiding the fact. Raj comes home and Simran shows him papers and says Ria is using wrong route. Raj fumes seeing papers.

Precap: Raj scolds Ria for using wrong route and shouts to get out of his sight. Jassi gets convulsion and falls down.

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