Parvarish Season 2 written update

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Parvarish Season 2 4th May 2016 Written Update

Sumed Singh explains students survivor round’s rules. Jogi asks if they will return after round. Sumed says they will go 2 and come back 1, asks them to get ready for next round.

Jogi tries to speak to Ria, but Adi comes. Jonty gives choc to Jassi and asks her to forget yesterday’s event and concentrate on next round. Jogi comes and takes choc and sends him away. He asks Jassi to relax and enjoy choc after the round.

Somone checks Gupta’s house empty on CCTV camera and asks his partner to enter the house. Partner gets out of van. Kulvinder crashes his bike while talking to Darji. He gets down from bike and says driver he will pay for dent repair. Driver signals someone and a man gets out of van and asks Kulvinder to let them go and takes van from there.

Jogi continues his jokergiri. Sumed makes tiger’s roar from behind and Jogi gets afraid. Sumed taunts him and gives survivor kit to each student with water bandage, etc. Jonty asks what about food. Sumed asks him to prepare food himself. Ria says she does not want to play with Jogi. Sumed says she should says she quits and throw red cloth, both her and her partner will be out. He says they are weak and he found a way. He shows handcuffs and says it will bind them together with their partner. He continues..

Round starts. Ria and Jogi are handcuffed, Adi and Jassi, and other students. Jogi and Ria fall in a pit. Ria starts yelling and Jogi making jokes. She says Adi was better than him. Jogi pulls her over him and says he wants to rest and she can dance. Jonty and her partner’s nok jhok also starts. She jumps on Jonty’s back and asks him to run to win competition. Jassi complains Adi that she walked in her locality and not in jungle. Adi says her mammaji wil not come to carry her, so he will carry her. She says she is not that type girl. He says if she does not walk, he will carry her.

A man silently tries to enter Gupta house. Simran comes back. Man’s partner calls him and asks to stop mission as Simran has come back. Simran sees man standing near her door.

Adi tells Jassi he will count till 3, either she has to walk herself or he will pick her. He counts till 3 and tries to pick her up, Jassi gets up hurriedly and he falls down. Jogi continues sleeping in pit. Ria asks him to get up now. Jogi starts his jokergiri again and asks her to saysorry. She says she will not. He says he will take a nap until she says sorry. Ria sees CCTV camera and asks him to wake up, else she wil shout 3 times and throw red flag. He says she is joking. She shouts she quit and says if he does not get up, she will tell quit again in front of CCTV camera. He looks at CCTV camera. She says if he does not get up, she will say 3rd time. He shuts her mouth and says sorry instead. She bites his hand.

Man hides seeing Simran coming. Simran gets into house without noticing him. Somone calls on landline and says her husband met with a accident and she should reach Chanikyapuri hospital immediately.

Precap: Adi and Jassi slip and they both fall into a ditch.

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