Parvarish Season 2 written update

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Parvarish Season 2 2nd May 2016 Written Update

Surinder prays for Jassi and Jogi’s protection at gurdwara. Prasad falls down and she gets worried. An old man cheers her up with his moral gyaan. Simran comes to pray for Ria.

Function starts at school. Hitman stands far away in a building terrace and corrects his target stadium. Guard who is his partner calls him and asks him to be alert as minister is coming in sometime. Minister comes. Guards take him on stage. Jogi with other students comes dancing. Guards’s mobile falls and when he bendsd to pick it, Jogi sees tatoo mark on his hand and asks him if he has twin brother as he saw same tatooo in another guard’s hand. Guard says he got it in mela and leaves. Jogi informs Sumer that guard was trying to capture his and Ria’s pic.. Sumer ignoers him. Minister gives price to Jassi and Jassi fixes badge on minister’s chest. Just when hitman is abot to shoot him, Jassi sees hitman’s image on badge and shouts someone is on terrace with gun. Sumer jumps and rescues minister. Hitman runs from terrace. Inspector asks constables to check whole terrace. Sumer comments that Jassi must have seen someone watch their function and not hitman. Principal says he is right. Jassi says she definitely saw someone with gun but does not remember what he wore.

Sumer takes minister in his car and asks who will try to attack him when he is so friendly. Miinister says someone does not like his good work. Jogi says Jassi she should have let things go and not created a havoc. She says she knows what she did and says let us not argue about it.

Adi comes to meet Ria. Jogi gets jealous seeing them together and starts his bike and raises accelerator. Ria says something and Adi thinks she is giving him a second chance and thanks him. Jogi continues raising accelarator.

Sumer asks principal to permit for next round. Principal says it is very risky and he will not permit. Sumer tries to convince principal.

A man enters Ria’s house posing as MCD officer and starts recording video with pen camera. Simran sees him and asks his ID card. He gets nervous. His partner comes and says he came into wrong house. Man runs out. Simran asks Ria not to entertain anyone withoutchecking ID proof or warrant.

Precap: Sumer tells Kulvinder to sign a consent form which states school is not responsible for children’s safety. Kulvinder says he will not sign.

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