Parvarish Season 2 written update

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Parvarish Season 2 29th April 2016 Written Update

The episode starts with Jogi and jassi going for school.Jassi sees Ria from behing and tells Jogi to finish their private talks with Ria.Jogi says there is nothing private to be talked.Meanwhile Ria comes and try to joke on Jogi’s looks with rude manner.Jogi replies with his Jokegiri.Meantime,Jassi sees Someone clicking photos of them.She tells Jogi and 3 of them tries to catch that person.But the person flee away.

At school,Jogi conforts Adi that why is he sending people for clicking photos.Jassi too says that she saw Adi clicking Ria and Jogi photo at the end of talent round.Adi says he hasnt done anything and says that he has changed and now he is nt involved in these type of practises.Ria takes Adi’s phone and checks.she didnt find anything.Adi on the other hand tells Jogi he wants to give him competion in right way,not in wrong ways.He leaves.

Police officers comes inside clasroom and checks everywhere.Police tells them that cultural minister is coming to inaugrate final round of SOTY.Principal comes and tells them to prepare for their welcome.They all start giving their ideas.Adi comes and start giving idea.Jogi comments if he has any shame then just leave.Ria stops Jogi and tells that atleast Adi is giving ideas,U are nt giving any idea.Jogl starts his jokegiri and Ria ranks his ideas thirdclas.Sumer comes and surprises all and try to joke on Jogi.ALl plead him to join SOTY again,after principal’s requests sumer joins SOTY again.

Adi again gives idea,JOgi stops him,and then ria tells jogi to keep his thoughts with himself.Adi and I wl decide ideas separetely.Ria leave,Adi follows!Adi consoles Ria and say I did big mistake by playing games with u.Ria stops him.she extends her hand towards friendship!Adi praises her and shake hands.Ria thinks that now she will play a game with Adi and will cheat him.Jogi sees both of them and is frustated.In frustation He bang the school bell.Every1 look on.JAssi stops him and calm him down.Jogi says to Jassi that now he wil nt help ria in future.

Some sort of guys are planning for shooting the school kids and discuss their plans.Afterwards 1 man is shows going towards terrace with gun.He tries to Aim someone.

No precap.

Written Update by Nityesh

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