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Parvarish Season 2 27th April 2016 Written Update

Thanks to our visitor, Evelyn, here’s the update.

Hi guys! I’ll post short update of episode aired on April 27th!
Surinder in the projection room searching for CD and the guy there calls for principal. Surinder tells principal that Adi is planning to air the video during Ria’s performance and asks him to help her. Princi agrees but gives warning that if its not true, he’ll disqualify both her kids and the CD isn’t in d projection room. Meanwhile Jassi is searching for mammaji and Abid tells he saw her mom somewhere. Simran asked what happened and Jassi tells that mom n her r suppossed to perform together. Surinder is arguing with princi. Princi tells Surinder to find the CD within d time coz afterr Jassi only Ria is left. Jassi’s performance is announced. Surinder tells princi that she’s Jassi’s partner, my entire time will go there. Princi tells I don’t care. Find the proff or irrespective of results, i’ll disqualify both her kids.

Jassi is crying the green room. Jogi comes asks whether she’ll take such a face there. Audience will get scared. She continues to cry and tell mammaji not there. Jogi tells he’ll search for mammaji and all this conversation Simran hears from behind. Surinder is running on steps searching, very tensed. Jogi finds her and Surinder tells Gary told her that Adi is planning to leak the video and she’s not able to find Adi and CD. What if he airs during Ria’s performance. Jogi tells then it’d become a huge problem. Surinder also tells about princi’s warning. Jogi tells her concentrate on Jassi’s performance and Jogi will see Adi. Surinder tells that she can’t, Ria is like her daughter. Can’t sacrifice one for other. Jassi can manage alone. But Ria… Jogi tells she’s right. Both searching here and there. And finally they hear two guys speaking about watching videos in mobile using wi-fi. Jogi understand Adi’s plan of circulating using wi-fi and tells her that evidence is in his mobile. He tells her let’s find the network, then will know where he is. Surinder tells v will switch off the internet and after performance v can turn it on. Announcement : Last call for Jassi. Surinder is about to go towards the hall and Jogi reminds her about Ria.

Jassi is on the stage and tells that she never danced on stage before. But she has worked hard and was supposed to perform with mom. But she doesn’t know where her mom is, so no use of the peformance. Just then, Simran comes on stage wearing the costume. Jassi that she’s her mammaji now and they dance. Jogi and Surinder see the performance in the screen outside. Ria sees this performance. Simran after the performance, whatever the quarrel is with Surinder not jassi. Surinder outside, panicks that its Ria’s performance and asks Jogi to find the network soon. He tells that network is coming from top, meaning he has taken outhouse’s wifi. Jogi asks her to go by the stairs and he’ll switch off the net and will come from other wing.

Adi is still typing. Surinder searches. Jogi comes there and both find Adi with laptop. Surinder walks towards Adi and he gets up all shocked.
Ria’ s performance – modern dance and art on Tujh mein rab dikhta hai Female version. She sings and dances seeing Simran. Simran looks emotional. Surinder tells Adi that today’s generation problem is that in every thing, the electricity runs faster than the brain. Adi looks down at the laptop, pic of Jogi kissing Ria and tells nahi Aunty, mein toh woh. Surinder tells v have grew up without electricity, playing in farms in villages. V have the habit. Adi again tells mein toh woh.. I don’t know what u telling. Give lecture to someone else. Give it to ur son.
Surinder slaps Adi. Adi tells sorry to princi in princi’s cabin. Princi shouts shut up and there is limit to everything. Surinder sitting there and looking angry. Simran comes with Ria and asks princi whether he called. She sees Surinder and asks princi what’s the new allegations on her daughter. Princi tells Mrs Gupta, Mrs Khurana saved not only Ria’s respect but also institute’s. If she hadn’t stopped Adi at the right time, don’t know what could’ve happened. Mrs Khurana saved ur daughter’s reputation. Simran is looking surprised.

Don’t know about tomorrow’s precap

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