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Parvarish Season 2 26th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Adi and Ankita get tensed seeing Jogi and Jassi. Jogi tells Ankita that he knows everything. Adi gets tensed that he knows what he did to Ria. Jogi says Jassi told her everything and now his sister will defeat her. Adi relaxes and tells Ankita that he thought Jogi knows about his plan.

Ria goes down smiling. Dolly asks her to stop smiling. Adi comes and stands in front of her. Coach on stage announces that dean wants to give prize to best dressed girl and jokes that he does not know if shopkeer should be give prize for selling such a beautiful dress or to the girl. Everyone laugh. He says the winner is…Ankita comes in front. He announces Ria’s name. Ria walks on stage happily while Ankita fumes. Ria says this prize should go to her momsie as she is the one who encouraged her to buy this dress. Coach jokes at her to go and stand back. He annouches best dressed boy is.. Adi gets happy. Coach says Joginder… Ria gets jealous that Adi did not price. Coach jokes that Jogi at least got this prize. Ankita comments like sister, like brother, he is also a loser like his sister. Coach says he does not have prize for interrupters and asks her to keep her mouth shut and mind her own business.

Jogi goes to Ankita and says he knows she cheated and made Jassi lose. She asks what proof he has. He says she knows she cheated and if she recompetes and wins loyally, she can call Jassi a loser whole life. He asks if challenge is accepted. Ankita says yes.

Surinder and Simran see Raj and Kulvinder sitting silently like strangers. They both serve them snack and signal each other. Simran signals Raj. Raj gives juice to Kulvinder and says this is real juice and not alcohol like last time. Kulvinder takes juice and says because of alcohol every year 5% population dies. Raj says he knows good docs for that.

Jogi takes Jassi and Ankita to a class room. Jassi asks why did he bring them here. He says they both have to run towards class X and find placards and make a picture out of it in 5 min. Ankita says it is easy. Jogi says he has kept obstacles in between and they have to cross it. He asks Jassi to prove that she is better than Ankita and not get afraid. Ankita says she does not need to cheat to win over Jassi. Jogi says let us see and counts 3, 2, 1 go… They both run towards class IX and start picking placards. Ankita picks first and gets back to other room. Jassi comes late. Ankita smiling tries to arrange placards. Jassi makes placard first and wins. Ankita angrily breaks placard.

Jogi hugs Jassi happily and taunts Ankita that his sister proved that she is better than her. Ankita says she will win competition. Jogi says whoever wins competition, her sister is better than the winner. He tells Jassi that she is the best.

Jogi and Jassi join back students. Coach Sumer addresses students that one of their student backed off, so he has to pick one runner up. He reminisces watching Jogi and Ankita’s conversation and Jassi winning and says their school’s 5th champion is Jaswinder Khurana. Jogi and Jassi open their mouth widely in a surprise while Adi, Ankita, Ria and others stand in a shock. Jogi happily hugs his sister and starts dancing.

Precap: Raj tells Kulvinder if Jassi gets more exposure in life, she will win. Kulvinder says whatever exposure his daughter got is enough and she is not a lier like Ria. Raj shouts what he means.

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