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Parvarish Season 2 25th December 2015 Written Episode Update

Surinder rushes to kitchen and sees Biji burning papers and tries to set fire off. Biji shouts why did she burn her hand. Surinder says those are Jassi’s essay papers and she poured her heart on them.

Aditya taunts Jassi that she is reacting as if her memory is a thing and she left it at home. He challenges her to rewrite her essay and win over him. She continues crying.

Surinder gets out of house and waits for Kulvinder to bring bike. She sees Sweety aunty with Simran and hides. Kulvinder also hides. Surinder says what is Sweety aunty doing with Simran. Kulvinder says they came to Delhi to get away from their past, but their past is haunting them. They both leave on their bike silently.

Aditya’s turn comes and he goes and delivers his essay on stage. Jassi continues crying. Jogi encourages her, but she continues. He says she should either accept defeat or should go on stage. By the time she goes on speech, mammaji will be in front of her. Jassi’s name is called and she nervously goes on stage. Kulvinder drops Surinder at school and asks her to get in and encourage Jassi. Surinder enters and sees Sweety there. She hides behind seats.

Jassi starts her speech crying. Students taunt her that she is a coward. Jassi says yes she is a coward and starts her speeching discussing about her mama’s and family’s love for her, etc.. Everyone listen to her carefully. Surinder cries sitting behind chair. Jassi cries vigorously then. Aditya says not bad Amritsari. Ria gets jealous. Everyone clap for her. Jassi runs from there continuing to cry. Surinder watches her in a shock.

Precap: Surinder consoles Jassi and asks her to tell what happened that day in mela.

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