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Parvarish Season 2 24th December 2015 Written Update

Jassi practices her essay. Biji takes milk for her and Jogi. Jogi says it does not have sugar. Biji says she forgot. Jogi taunts that she has gone old. Biji asks him to bring sugar and goes to give milk to Jassi. She asks Jassi to read her essay in front of her. Jassi says she is afraid. Biji taunts her that she has fear since her childood and reminds her of childhood incidents. Jassi gets nervous. Biji leaves smirking.

Darji goes to Simran’s house to return her hot box and says her that her aunt was a good woman. Simran asks if he knows her. He says she used to meet him at gurdwara and used to serve people a lot. Simran calls her aunt and asks if she knows Darji and biji. Aunt disconnects call.

Jassi reminisces her childhood incident and gets afraid. She shouts mamaji, papaji. Surinder enters with whole family and hugs her. She asks if she remembered her past fears again. Beeji taunts that she told already not to force Jassi into essay writing as she is very afraid from childhood. Surinder encourages Jassi and asks her to write her essay and practice it, nobody can stop her from winning competition.

Surinder takes Jassi and Jogi to school and wishes Jassi good luck for her essay. Ria rushes and clashes with Jassi. Jassi’s file falls down. Ria picks papers and says papers are blank. Jassi panics. Surinder asks her not to worry, she will bring her papers from home. She sees Simran in car and requests her to take her home soon and gets into her car.

Biji steals Jassi’s papers and thinks if Jassi does not participate, Jogi will win compeition. She walks towards kitchen to burn them.

Competition starts and Ria speaks on the topic of pain and fear. Everyone clap for her while Jassi looks tensed.

Surinder searches for papers in whole home. Darji asks what happened. She says she is searching Jassi’s essay papers. He says Biji took some papers towards kitchen to burn them. Surinder rushes, but Biji already burns papers.

Precap: Competitor calls Jassi’s name. Jassi goes on stage nervously. Surinder rushes in.

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