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Parvarish Season 2 2nd March 2016 Written Episode Update

Surinder and Simran’s friendly nok jhok starts. They reminisce their childhood days. Simran asks how to control Ria. Surinder asks how to bring up her children in this city. Their discussion continues.

Jassi tells Jogi that she needs to work hard on general knowledge as other school’s small girl is very intelligent and is being promoted directly into higher class. Jogi asks her not to worry. In library, Ria reads book looking at Adi. Adi goes and stands with Ankita to make Ria jealous. Ankita says his plan is failing. He says it is not and says wait and watch. Jogi sees Ria staring at Adi and gives her GK book saying Jassi gave it. Ria takes book, but walks near Adi. Adi ignores her and goes ot next table. Ria goes behind him. He asks why is she ignoring him. She says is not. He asks her to propose her on school mic. She walks towards principal’s office. Jogi stops her and asks her to concentrate on competition and not get into Adi’s trap. Ria asks him to mind his own business and walks into principal’s cabin and switches on mic.

Ria starts speaking on mic about her feelings. Jogi goes to fuse room and removes 1 electric fuse and relaxes that Ria will not speak, but Ria continues. He slowly remoes all fuses and mic gets off just when she is about to propose Adi. Adi and Ankita get jealous while ria gets disappointed. Principal walks towards his cabin. Jogi gets him busy with his baffonery while Ria escapes. Jogi relaxes that Ria is saved and thinks she should stay away from selfish Adi. Jassi comes and asks him if it was Ria on mic. He says he does not know. She says it was Ria itself.

Surinder and Simran discuss about their children’s fussy eating habits. Surinder says Jogi is a picky eater and neesd variety and says he is taking care of Jassi well. Simran says even Ria and he took her to ice cream party yesterday. Surinder says he did not inform her and says children came home by 10 p.m. Simran realizes Ria’s lies.

Adi sends a note to Ria if she likes group studies with her, she can kiss note else no. She kisses him and goes to a separate table and waits for him, but he smirks and starts studying hiding while Ria waits for him.

Ankita tries to bully Jassi again, but Jassi gives her a strong reply.

Precap: Jassi tells Jogi that she wants to win student of year competition and tell papaji that he does not have to arrange school fees, she does not want papaji to feel sad that he could not arrange their fees. Kulvinder hears their conversation hiding and gets emotional.

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