Parvarish Season 2 written update

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Parvarish Season 2 17th May 2016 Written Update

Jogi tries to free Ria. She asks if he was sleeping, Sumedh came and saved her. He says she does not know what Sumedh and his men did. Sumedh comes and asks what he means. Jogi says he means Sumedh sir and his men will try to catch them and they will run. He asks her to run left and he will run right side. Ria says no use Jassi and Adi reached already. He stops and says how can fatty Jassi and Adi reach before them and asks Sumedh to give some grace marks. Goons come and Sumedh asks if they found someone. Goons say no, there was small fire outside. Sumedh says he will check Adi and Jassi’s position over CCTV footage. Jogi prays god to help Jassi. Sumedh checks Jassi’s location and informs goon to catch her.

Raj enters home and asks Simran who is this woman. Simran says her uncle’s daughter Mona. Surinder enters and asks when she does not have uncle, who is this woman. She tells Raj that she knows Jassi’s family since childhood and knows all her relatives, she does not have uncle. Simran reminisces lady goon’s warning not to tell about her to anyone, else Ria will be killed. Lady goon drops her bag and picks things. Surinder sees gun on floor. Simran scolds Surinder that she is her mom’s friend’s daughter and she should not interfere in her personal issues. Surinder says she is right and says she came to call Raj as Bebe is having stomach ache. Raj says okay, but Simran says Bebe has acidity and Suri should give cold milk, she cannot disturb Raj like this. Surinder says she understood and leaves. Simran feels sorry.

Goons continue to search Jassi and thinks if she escapes from them, animals will kill her. She imagines Surinder there who comes and pampers her. She says all her team members are lost and even Sumedh is missing, who will show her way. Surinder says she should find way herself via her courage. Goons see her andrun towards her. She hides in bushes. They continue searching her.

Surinder comes home panicked. Kulvider asks why did she go to Simran’s house and increased her BP. She says gun gun..and tells her whole story. Lady goon tells fake childhood stories to Raj. Surinder and Kulvinder come with police and after a bit of confrontation takes Mona’s bag. Mona tries to snatch it. Surinder says Mona has gun and tells what she swaw. Inspector takes bag and does not find gun in it. Mona relaxes and warns Surinder to not spread rumor without any reason. Mona says Simran she will call her papa and inform. Surinder says she does not have to worry. Simran reminisces Mona’s warning and slaps Simran.

Precap: Jassi runs in jungle and sees dog attacking Adi.

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