Parvarish Season 2 written update

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Parvarish Season 2 16th May 2016 Written Update

Sumedh on his mobile screen sees Adi running, gives location to goon and orders him to catch Adi. Goon shoots Adi’s leg and bullet escapes injuring his leg. Goon orders Adi to surrender, else he will kill him. Jogi watches them from tree and jumps on goon. Goon strangulates Jogi’s neck. Adi hits Goon’s head and they both run away with goon’s walkie talkie, gun, and binocular.

Kulvinder comes out of his house singing when Surinder clashes with him. He scolds her. She says there is something wrong, Simran was behaving weird. Sumedh’s lady goon asks Simran to cooperate if she wants Ria to be safe.

Adi and Jogi reach near Sumedh’s hut and see him talking to other goons. They get suspicious and call him on walkie talkie. Sumedh says he has caught Ria and wants him to catch Adi and Jogi soon. They both realize that Sumedh is mastermind and think of freeing Ria and save Jassi.

Ria sees Sumedh eating biscuit and asks him to share. He says he will only if she wins game. She says he should not be mean. He shares biscuit. Jogi watches from binocular and geets Ria’s location.

Jassi continues running in jungle searching Jogi, Ria, Adi and others. She finds Amy and Abid and tells them that Sumedh is kidnapped and others’ lives are in danger. Amy laughs and says she is trying to fool her to win game. Jassi says she is telling truth and can show proof. Abhi believes her, but Amy drags him from there.

Adi and Jogi set fire near hut. Sumedh asks goons to go out and check. They come out and see fire. Jogi makes wolf sound and signals Adi. Adi on walkie talkie tells Jassi, Jogi and Ria are on point B. Goons walk in opposite direction. Ria hears that on Sumedh’s walkie talkie and says Jogi and Adi will make her lose. Sumedh orders his goon to go and check how children got walkie talkie. Jogi enters hut silently and frees Ria. Ria says he is ruining game, but Sumedh is here. He says she does not know what Sumedh did. Sumedh comes and calls him hoshyarchand.

Precap: Sumedh’s goons find Ria.

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