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Parvarish Season 2 14th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Parvarish 2 watch online

Simran while preparing breakfast asks Raj if he signed Ria’s school fees cheque. He says yes and says it is good school is taking whole year’s fees. Ria comes for breakfast but leaves seeing french toast. Mother-in-law (MIL) enters and Sirman touches her feet followed by Raj. MIL reminds Raj how she used to pack different items each day for in his tiffin box and taunts Simran that she is not taking care of Ria well due to her job committment. Raj backs her.

Kulvinder takes Darji’s signatures on Jassi’s adoption papers and informs him that he invested all his savings in Jassi’s fixed deposit. Darji says he did right. Bebe thinks he wasted all money on Jassi and did not leave a penny for Jogi.

At school, Jassi thinks what to become in future and imagines herself as engineer, teacher, etc., and finally agrees to become doctor. Ria with her friend sees her standing and asks what is she thinking. She says she is thinking of becoming a doctor. Dolly taunts her and Ria laughs. Jogi interferes and taunts Dolly and makes a joke out of her. Ria and Dolly leave angrily.

Simran asks Raj why did he take mom’s side and told that she is not taking care of Ria well due to her job committment. He says he did not and in fact he is happy that she is an example for Ria that her mom is a good independent business woman and mother.

Postman delivers school letter in Kulvinder’s name. Surinder reads it and worriedly informs Darji that she has to rush to school as school wants 1 year’s fees at once within a week. Darji says he will accompany her, but she says she will go and call him if needed.

Surinder reaches school and requests principal to give her some time to pay Jassi and Jogi’s fees. Principal says she cannot change rules for her and cannot help her. Surinder sadly returns home and informs same to Kulvinder.

Precap: Kulvinder scolds Surinder for stretching legs beyond bedsheet and says he told not to commit more than they can, now they have get Jassi out of school.

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