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Parvarish Season 2 11th April 2016 Written Update

All students enter SOTY villa and get afraid seeing door opening itself. After a bit of drama, they enter villa and run out seeing smoke all over. Coach Sumer comes and divides students in 3 teams. Ria and Adi and some students in one time, Jogi in second, Ankita, Rahul and others in third team. He makes a girl captain of Jogi’s team. Jassi and Anu are left. Adi jokes with Ria that they should not take Anu in their team and should take Jassi as she is more intelligent. Rahul says they they should take daring Jassi in their room. Sumer says Anu and Jassi are next captains. Ria, Ankita, and Adi feel jealous while Jogi gets happy. Anu selects Ria and Adi’s team and they fume in jealousy. Jassi selects Rahul’s team. Jogi says he is very hungry and needs food. Coach takes them all to a ground.

Surinder while preparing food does not find utensil. Biji says she gave it to Simran the other day. Surinder reminsces Simran taking Ria’s side when she steals Jassi’s persentation and says she will not go. Biji says she should find another best friend then and gives moral gyaan that she should not lose her friendship for small issues.

Sumer shows a big bamboo on ground and tells students that food is on it. Jogi jokes that it will not be enough even for a bird. Sumer says his sense of humor is very poor and any girl will not marry him unless it is arranged marriage. Everyone laughs. Sumer says they have to pick key from bamboo’s top without touching it and whoever picks key first will get extra 5 min to gather food, else sleep hungry.

All students think of plans how to pick key from bamboo. Ankita says she will not listen to Jassi’s idea and gives her own idea. Adi and Ria’s team climb over each other but fall down. Ria says Adi they should have practise. Jogi’s team’s turn comes next. Jogi throws rope on tree, climbs it and tries to pick key, but touches bamboo. Sumer disqualifies him and jokes. Jassi’s team’s turn comes next. Ankita asks Jassi to stay away and runs to bring ladder. Jassi with Rahul brings grasss and burns it around bamboo.

Precap: Adi and Ankita discuss that they should do something to throw Ria and Jassi out of competition. Ria hears their conversation.

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