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Parvarish 2 9th December 2015 Written Update

Simran requests Kulvinder to drop Ria also school along with Jassi and Jogi. Kulvinder says he cannot take 3 people on his bike. Surinder says she will drop them via auto. Simran asks Ria not to be mischievous and sends her with Surinder.

Surinder drops them outside school. Ria says she can come inside as they have parent-teacher meeting today. Surinder asks then why did not she bring Simran. Ria says dad is coming.

Simran reaches Raj’s clinic and says she came to have lunch with him. He says he has a meeting with medical representative today. She says rep comes to his clinic, then why will he meet him outside. Raj says rep is ill and needs checkup. Ria calls him just then and asks to come soon. He says he is busy and in code language says his wife is around, so he cannot come. She pleads, but he disconnects call. Simran repeatedly asks who was it. He says Ria and says she trusts him more than her because of her strictness.

Ria takes Jassi along. Jogi says he will not let his sister alone with her. She takes Jassi to girls’ restroom, asks her to remove her chudidar. Jassi gets tensed. Ria herself removes her chudidar and gives socks. Jassi wears them and they both come out. Jogi sees socks and smiles.

Ria’s friend asks what will she do now if her dad does not come. She says she has an idea and runs to meet Surinder.

Jassi clashes with boy as usual and he falls down. Surinder sees that and asks Jassi if she is fine. She nods yes. Boy asks if she is her daughter. Surinder says yes. Jassi asks if they know each other. Surinder says he came late yesterday and jumped wall to enter school. Jassi gives his books and he leaves.

Ria takes Surinder to meet her teacher. Teacher complains that Ria’s parents are careless and don’t have time for her. Surinder says they both are very caring, but got important meetings. Teacher says even other parents work here and came for meeting. She brings Ria’s report card and shows poor scores. Ria says Surinder as usual teacher vents out grudge on her. Surinder asks Ria about her sports and other extra curricular activity scores. She says first class. Surinder smiles at teacher and says school’s cupboard is full of trophies because of students like Ria. Teacher angrily says look…Surinder says you look and says she should be leniant to Ria and talk to her with love, then Ria will get first grade in each subject. She comes out with Ria. Ria asks he to let her handle this issue in her way, else mommsie/Simran will not spare her.

Simran gets into Ria’s room to clean it and sees crippled paper near dustbin. She picks it and is shocked to see Ria’s score card with very less marks.

Precap: Simran scolds Ria. Surinder takes her side and says she attend parent-teacher meeting as Raj did not come. Simran says how will she feel if she goes with Jassi as her mother. Surinder feels bad.

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