Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 25th November 2016 Written Update

Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 25th November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 25th November 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Pam and Sudha convincing Dadi to come with me. They ask Dadi to come to club with them. Dadi agrees. Raghav smiles seeing Naina working. Raghav tells her that you work a lot, you are already fit, I m serious, this is not easy job. She says yes, I wanted such job that I don’t need to workout, I can get a job for you too. He says offer is tempting. He turns and sees Dadi and all the ladies of Mehra house. Dadi says we can also dance a bit. They all smile. Sudha says Veer is here. Dadi says then Naina will be around, we will party together. Ira taunts Sanjana to be a guest. Sanjana goes.

Raghav goes to Naina and stops her, saying Mehra ladies are here in the club. She asks so? He asks are you not scared. She says no, they know I m from middle class family and need earning, so I m doing this job, I don’t have to hide anything. He says okay. She asks him to move. Dadi surprises Veer and asks about the date. He says it was good. She asks shall I fix the roka date. He says what shall I say. She asks where is Naina. He says she will be around, come. Dadi says I had first peg when I was in college. Naina comes to take their order. Veer smiles. Pam says you here like this, we did not know, sorry. Veer says Naina works here as a waitress. Sanjana comes and orders vodka. Pam smiles. Sanjana says Naina, I m really sorry, I did not wish to give you order. John says you are the one who created drama that day, drink in limits, chill, no more drama today, Naina keep an eye on her.

Dadi and everyone look at Sanjana. Naina says its good this cleared today, Dadi I did not wish to hide or lie, I work as waitress here, sorry. Dadi says why sorry, work is work. Veer, Pam and Sudha get shocked. Raghav smiles. Dadi says your Dada ji also worked for small jobs before, you are working to support family, not to impress any rich guy, great, I will also drink today. Veer says whats happening, Naina did magic on Dadi, Dadi is impressed for everything, I would have married Sanjana instead. Sudha asks him to relax. Dadi says its surprise seeing Sudha and Pam getting friendly. Pam and Sudha talk of making sure Naina does not become their bahu. Dadi and everyone drink.

Later, Dadi calls Naina and tells her to have the prasad she has sent for her. She blesses Naina. Pam and Sanjana hear her. Sanjana gets angry. Pam takes her to room. Sanjana drinks. Pam says just one card can change this game, our servant, Raghav, you will do this work, Raghav runs the entire house, he is ready to dance on fingers, you have to use your charm and control him, he has got Naina home and is supporting her. Sanjana says its impossible, I framed him in my rape blame, I can’t get friendly with him, I can’t bear him. Pam says fine, then see Veer and Naina’s marriage. Sanjana says no. Pam says you can impress Raghav in a minute, just do it. Sanjana goes.

Veer says whats happening, I have to do something. He gets angry and cuts wood. Raghav asks why are you angry, Dadi has sent prasad for you, its special prasad, she has sent to Naina as well, you are very lucky to get a girl like Naina, I knew it she is special. I told Dadi to leave from club, I asked Naina to leave, but she said she will not lie, she is true and pure, if you want to thank me, you can give me your last year’s white shirt. Veer says something is hurting my foot. Raghav says I will see and makes Raghav removes his shoes. Veer drops the prasad. Raghav picks it and gives him. Veer asks are you mad, will I eat fallen thing.

Raghav says its clean, its special prasad. Veer says it fell down, go and throw it. He gets angry. Raghav does not throw it and eats. Veer thinks Raghav has no self respect and is happy, I will break his happiness. He reads some news and tells about the blast, even your sister stays in that area, think of the people who became orphans and homeless. He taunts Raghav. Raghav cries. He calls someone and could not connect. Naina eats the prasad and calls Raghav. She asks did I disturb you, I got the prasad, thank Dadi, does Dadi have any problem with my waitress job. He says no, she likes you a lot. She asks are you okay.

He cries and says I don’t understand, I heard of blast in the area where my sister lives, phone is not connecting, if anything happens to her. She says no, think good, nothing will happen. He says no, I m going India. She says wait, and checks on internet. She says there is no loss of lives in that accident. He thanks her. She says good happens with good people, I did not like it when you cried. He says I also felt bad when you cried that day, I just cried thrice, today, and when once Dadi stopped talking to me, and when she refused me. She says she will regret to refuse a guy like you. He smiles. Kal ho na ho……plays……..

Naina asks Raghav about Veer’s stories. Rajeev shouts seeing Veer with a foreigner and asks who is this girl, whats going on.

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