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Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 26th June 2015 Written Episode Update

The episode begins with, ramesh and laxmi go to kabirs house and sees vasu in bed, nurse tells them that she had a panic attack, ramesh says should we call doctor ,nurse says no need she will be fine and her son is here with her, ramesh asks son who, nurse says he is out will come soon.
Kabir goes to virajs house and starts yelling at him and says I gave nisha I sacrificed my love but u hurt my mom what did u say to her, viraj says the mom u are talking abt fooled u she separated u and nisha, kabir says I don’t believe u, kabir points gun at him and says don’t lie, viraj says tell me who sent nisha divorce notice when u urself told me that u cant do this without completing a year, nisha sees vasu and asks what happned, ramesh says nisha good news is kabir is in jaipur, vasu says nisha kabir and viraj are brothers, viraj tells kabir that ur mom sent nisha and u divorce letters bcoz she wanted to separate u, vasu tells nisha that kabir and viraj don’t know the truth and kabir thinks viraj is responsible for my health and so he has been to viraj house go stop him.
Kabir says to viraj that he is lying and attacks him.Viraj and kabir get into fight, kabir says he doesn’t believe that his mom has done this, kabir tries to kill viraj with knife, nisha enters and stops kabir saying kabir viraj is ur brother,the person u were finding is viraj and sir mom is in this health bcoz she was shocked to see u after so many years, nisha says see this photo sir its u right, viraj looks at photo and says kabir this photo is mine and this hand is my mothers, kabir says u are my brother and I am sorry, viraj says no kabir I am sorry and nisha I am sorry plz forgive me if u can, nisha says sir u are not at fault , sir see ur brother is in front of u, kabir and viraj shake hands and hug eachother.
Nisha says we should go home mom is waiting for u two, viraj says no I wont plz leave me as to alone and I promise I will come tomorrow, nisha and kabir leave. Nisha and kabir reach home, nisha says kabir talk to mom properly don’t be rude,kabir says u know what she has done, nisha says kabir not now be good its her health first, vasu sees nisha and kabir and asks where is viraj, nisha says no he didn’t come, kabir says sorry to ramesh , ramesh says its ok ur back that’s what matters, kabir say plz forgive me for everything by staying away I realized what nisha means to me, laxmi says vasuji plz take care of u, we shd leave now, ramesh and laxmi leave.
Vasu calls kabir near her but kabir goes away. Next morning in gangwal house, viraj is with all gangwals, ramesh tells everyone that viraj is vasus elder son, viraj says dadaji plz forgive me I know I did lot of mistakes, dadaji says no need of this u have realized ur mistakes and the good thing is u have ur family now, kabir says yes and now we all will stay together what say bro, viraj says no kabir, I am leaving this city and u two always stay together and here is a ur wedding gift for u two these are the house papers u two stay and now its urs, kabir says plz don’t leave, viraj says I will always be there for u brother, kabir hugs viraj, everyone is in tear, viraj leaves.
Nisha goes to viraj and says so u are leaving, viraj says yes, nisha says I think u shd meet someone before u leave, viraj says I don’t wish to see her, nisha says she is ur mother and she is here for u, vasu comes and hugs viraj, viraj says whole life I wept for u, why did u leave me, vasu says when ur dad passed away ur dadaji snatched u from me and that moment kabir was in my womb and I didn’t want to lose him too so I ran away and I always kept in touch abt u see these papers abt u, viraj says then why didn’t u come later to see me, vasu says these gangwals had ruined my life so I didn’t want to return, viraj says u could have corrected all things but u thought of revenge and I never want to see u again, u tried to spoil ur own sons life I am ashamed of u being my motherand stay without ur son and u will know how it is when two loved one separate , viraj leaves.
Dadaji says to kabir I hope u wont do any nonsense things again, kabir says no never I promise and nisha, oh where is nisha, kabir says dadaji I will go to her. Kabir goes to nisha, nisha says go away I don’t want to talk to u, kabir says ok go away I wont return, nisha leaves, dolly suku and jwala go to kabir and says its high time go tell her u love her, kabir says look at her she is so angry I wont and leaves, dolly says we will make a perfect plan and bring them close.

Precap: kabir propose nisha in front if gangwals.

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