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Nagarjun 9th June 2016 Written Update

SP reaches to arrest Arjun and pushes him down. Arjun asks Maheshwar if he is fine. Maheshwar apologizes him. SP says enough of father and son drama and asks where is Noorie. Arjun says Noorie is safe and requests to free his dad. SP slaps him and says father mixes poison in prasad and son kidnaps SP’s daughter to force police to free dad. Arjun says he is thinking wrong and Noorie must have reached home by now. He arrests Arjun and takes him in jeep along with dad. Dad says his SP forced him to call here. Arjun assures him that everything will be alright.

SP brings Arjun and dad to police station. Mom and family members also follow. Dad asks water. Constable brings water. SP throws water on Dad’s face and warns them to accept they are terrorists. Arjun warns not to misbehave with papa. SP says then he mixed prasad and asks to accept it, else he will arrest whole family. Arjun gets angry. SP warns him to lower his eyes and tortures him threatening to accept he mixed poison in prasad. Inspector informs that Noorie did not reach home. Arjun says Noorie left for home in front of him. SP continues torturing Arjun.

Noorie walks on bridge and sees people getting well. Aslam also gets well and thinks what is he doing here and where is Arjun. Asthika’s soldiers tell as he told poison’s effect is vanishing and Arjun is Vasuki, so he should order them to fight with Vasuki. Asthika says no until it is proved that Arjun is really Vasuki.

SP continues torturing Arjun and threatens him to accept he mixed poison in prasad. Mom inteferes and says her son is innocent and pleads to free him. SP continues. Dad says he mixed poison in prasad. SP forces him to sign acceptance letter. Arjun says he mixed poison and dad is trying to spare him. Dad says he mixed poison and Arjun says he mixed. SP shouts shut up and says they both love each other and want to sacrifice for each other, now they both will accept that they both mixed poison, else he will trap whole family. Dad says he cannot harm his family. SP says he can do anything and orders to arrest everyone. Dad signs letter and then forces Arjun to sign, else he will torture his family. Arjun also signs letter.

Asthika says if a friend is in trouble, another friend will try his best to save him. If Arjun is Vasuki, he will use his magical powers to protect his friend and he will catch him red handed.

SP continues torturing family and beats dad. Arjun gets out of control and confronts polcie. SP then slaps dad and he falls down. Arjun gets more angry and beats police men like dogs. He walks towards SP and SP warns hi to stop, else he will repent. SP then tries to slap Arjun, Arjun holds his hand and says he should not have slapped his father. He pins him on table and is about to punch when Noorie comes and stops him. he punches table and spares SP. Dad asks why did he hit elder/SP. SP gets up and points gun on Arjun’s forehead. Noorie points gun on her forehead and warns SP to keep gun down, else she will shoot herself.

Precap: Mom takes Arjun from police station promising SP that Arjun will not meet Noorie again. SP takes Noorie home and warns her not to meet Arjun again. Arjun fights with nags and seeing Aslam blue with snake poison sucks his poison, his eyes get yellow like snake’s.

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