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Nagarjun 22nd June 2016 Written Update

Arjun feels severe headache due to nagmani glowing in his head on amavasya. He walks in jungle. Astika and Mohini watch from cliff. Shankchurn reaches jungle and thinks Astika will not find him here and he will reach nagmani. Vasuki walks in jungle searhing Arjun. Astika tells Mohini and soldiers that soon mani will glow. Mani emits rays and Astika watches it. Mohini asks him to go and grab mani before Vasuki hides it again. Astika and his soldiers reach jungle and Shankchurn follows them.

Vasuki reaches on time and keeps his hand on namgani rays and thinks how to stop these rays. Astika walks towards rays. Vasuki says he has to use his whole life’s powers to stop these rays and may not defeat Astika. He prays Mahadev if he has prayed him selflessly without any lies, he should give him barrier to hide his boy. He hits his stick and creats barrier. Astika comes with his soldiers and cannot see them both due to barrier. He walks away from there. Shankchurn watches that and even he leaves.

Vasuki takes Arjun to his home and makes him sleep on bed and says sleeping Arjun trouble is not yet over, he has to train and get him ready. He prays god to help him.

Astika goes back to his den and sits silently. Mohini scolds that he had to find and defeat Vasuki on this night, but he could not find Vasuki at all, if he has learnt to accept defeat. He shouts Mohini.. She says she is just showing him mirror. She says Vasuki knows that whole nag clan is seaching him, even then he did not escape, what if he does not have nagmani at all. He says it cannot be possible. Mohini asks then why is he protecting Arjun/boy, what is special in him. Astika says that boy is not important, he has to find Vasuki and get mani. She asks him to tell her details of that boy. He says he is Arjun Shastri. Mohini says he is same boy who was not affected by Astika’s poison, she needs to see that boy.

Arjun while working in garage reminisces getting headache often and SP warning him to break Noorie’s heart, else he will destroy his family. He walks with Aslam and says even he had poisonous prasad and nothing happened to him. Noorie calls him and he gets nervous. Aslam asks him to pick call. Arjun says if he does not pick, she warned to come and stay in her house. He forces Aslam to pick call. Noorie asks where is Arjun. He says Arjun is here, but he is saying not to tell he is here. Arjun acts as signal disconnecting and disconnects call. Aslam asks why is he staying away from such a beautiful girl. Arjun says SP told him to break Noorie’s heart, else he will put him and his dad in jail forever. Aslam suggests him to tell Noorie that he has another girlfriend. Arjun says she will kill that girl. Aslam says he has one more idea with which Noorie will run from him and tells idea.

Shankchurn asks SP who is Arjun Shastri. SP says his father is a temple employee, but a roaster cheap boy. He does not what is special in him that Noorie is behind him. Shankchurn says that boy is special. SP gives him case file and asks him to research about it. Shankchurn says he will close this file. SP invites him to have drinks with him tonight. Shankchurn says he will come to his home, but will not drink. SP says as he wishes. Shankchurn thinks he will find out Arjun’s secret.

Precap: Noorie shakes hand with Shankchurn and says his hand is very cold. Shankchurn discusses with Mohini about Arjun. She says he is the same boy whom Astika thinks Vasuki is protecting. Arjun senses someone in his room.

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