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Nagarjun 17th June 2016 Written Update

Arjun gets suspicious of Rajveer/Shankchurn and walks towards stairs. Shankchurn comes down and Arjun stares at him. Shankchurn thinks what is special in this boy that his heart beat increases seeing him. He walks towards SP and Noorie.

Noorie asks SP to spare her for some time. He says no. Rajveer comes followed by mayor. Mayor says SP let children enjoy. Noorie says mayor uncle is right. Mayor takes SP. Noorie walks with Shankchurn and acts as coughing. He asks if she is fine. She says she will have water and come. Arjun sees Noorie coming and hides behind cool drinks table. Aslam comes and asks Noorie if she met Arjun. She asks where is he. He points at Arjun. Arjun comes out. Noorie asks when he wanted to come, then why did he lie. He says there are already lots of problems in his life and he does not need any more problems. She takes him aside and says even he loves her, but acts. He says no. She says her papa wants her to mingle with other boys and just today she met new ACP. He says does not care and she can marry ACP. She thinks he loves her for sure.

Noorioe goes to Shankchurn and starts chatting with him to make Arjun jealous, looking at Arjun. She says Shankchurn he must not have seen Amroli, she will take him for sight seeing. He says sure. She acts as something falling in her yes. Shankchurn looks into her eyes and hypnotizes her. He takes her for a dance. Arjun fumes standing. Aslam suggests him to express his love to Noorie. Shankchurn dances with Noorie. Arjun angrily walks towards Noorie and she clashes with him and get out of hypnotism. Arjun says he wants to dance with her. She says what about papa. He says he will listen to his heart and they both dance well on song tujhko hai mujshe rabta…song… SP fumes. Shankchurn tells they must be friends. SP says Arjun is a criminal who is behind his daughter. After performance everyone praise their dance. Mayor says SP his daughter dances well and asks who is this boy. SP says he doe not know who his parents are. Arjun leaves. SP scolds Noorie not to meet Arjun again.

Mayor announces that Astika will be coming soon. Shankchurn silently escapes. Astika enters with his soldiers. Mayor greets him and introduces him to SP. SP says he heard a lot about him and is surprised that he did not meet him yet. Astika says he will see many surprises. SP thinks he has to get Arjun’s biodata.

Arjun walks hurriedly and clashes with Astika. Soldier scolds him. Astika says it is okay. Arjun greets him. Astika praises him that he got good sanskar/culture and touches his forhead and senses great powers in him. He asks Arjun if he knows him. Arjun says his father praises him a lot. Astika says he has a lot to do yet and they will met soon. Arjun leaves.

Astika follows Arjun till home. Vasuki comes and asks Astika to stay away from boy. Astika says he felt special powers in boy like he posesses nagmani. Vasuki says it is a fight between them and he should not drag boy in it. Astika says he should protect his powers as he will do nagmani pooja on maha amavasya night and nagmani will glow brightly that night and he will prove what is relationship between and Arjun and Vasuki should stay away if he loves his life. Vasuki thinks how will he protect Arjun from Astika and prays god.

Precap: Astika says tonight Vasuki cannot protect Arjun from him. Arjun hears snake calling him.

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