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Nagarjun 16th June 2016 Written Update

Vasuki meditates far away. Asthika goes there. Vasuki says if he has come to fight, they should go somewhere else, if he has come to exchange knowledge, then he is welcome. Astika says there is no time for sharing knowledge, he needs nagmani. Vasuki says he is pity on him and is hiding nagmani’s secret, else he will die. Asthika says if he forgot that he got icha mrityu vardaan. Vasuki says a mother’s plea cannot be forgotton even by god. Asthika greets him and says next time he may not be alive to accept his greetings.

SP asks Noorie why is she not speaking to her. She says he has confined in his home like a criminal and when she wanted to go to US for studies, he did not let her. He says they both will go out, today he has party at mayor’s house and she will enjoy it. Shankchurn comes disguised as ACP Rajveer singh. SP introduces him to Noorie. Noorie says she does not want to disturb them and leaves. SP questions him about Amroli’s law and order and he answers right. SP gets impressed and extends hand. Shankchurn says he is his guru and desverses salute and not shake hands. SP gets more impressed and invites him to mayor’s party. Shankchurn says he will be there and leaves. SP looks at Noorie and Shankchurn.

Arjun is at home. Noorie calls her and he asks why did she call. She starts scolding him for leaving her alone in jungle and says she is going to mayor’s party and he should accompany her. He says he will not come and disconnects call. Noorie then calls Arjun’s mom and after a bit of chatting asks her to convince Arjun to accompany her to mayor’s party. Mom asks dad to convince Arjun. They both call Arjun and order him to attend party. Arjun agrees.

Arjun goes to mayor’s party with Aslam and clases with Shankchurn. He angrily looks at Shankchurn. Aslam takes him away. Shankchurn also angrily loooks at him . Aslam asks why did he get so angry. Arjun says something is wrong with this man. Aslam says forget this man and enjoy food before people finish it.

Mayor addresses people and says it is a charity party by Astika. Astika’s soldier informs that Astika will come late. Mayor informs same and asks guests to enjoy party. Soldier sees Shankchurn there. Aslam munches food and Arjun tries to stop him. Arjun sees a girl and hides behind Aslam. Aslam says she is not Noorie and why is he getting afraid.

Soldier confronts Shankchurn and says he can fool common people here, not him. Why did he come here without informing Asthika, Asthika will get very angry. Shankchurn shakes hands and hypnotizes him and takes him upstairs. Arjun watches this. SP comes with Noorie and Arjun hides behind pillar. Shankchurn bites soldier and kills him and says Astika will not find even his body. Arjun senses something is wrong.

Precap: Astika warns Vasuki to protect his powers as he is starting nagmani pooja soon and says whoever comes in between him and nagmani, he will kill them. Arjun dances with Noorie. Astika touches Arjun’s head and feels emotional bonding.

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