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Nagarjun 16th August 2016 Written Update

Arjun tells Tina that he will prove Noorie that Rajveer and his mom are snake. She asks how will he prove it. She says holy ash and runs. She asks to tell complete plan and go. Arjun goes home and informs his plan to his parents. Maheshwar asks what if Rajveer tries to kill Noorie. Arjun says he will not as Rajveer is using Noorie just to trouble him. Aslam comes. Arjun leaves asking Yashoda to tell Aslam about holy ash and leaves. Aslam asks what is it. Yashoda gives him holy ash and says if it falls on any snake, it will burn.

Arjun goes to Rajveer’s home and says hello…Mohini comes and asks what he needs. He says where is another snake. Rajveer enters. Arjun says he told someone killed him like cat and dog. Mohini fumes and shouts if he knows whom he is speaking to. He shows milk glass and says he brought milk for them as they feed snake on nagpanchami. Rajveer/Shankchurn starts. Arjun says he kidnapped Noorie under his collar and he could not anything. Mohini frowns. Arjun says keep smiling and asks Rajveer to come and take Noorie from hilltop cave after 1 hour. Shankchurn says he would have been happy if he had brought human blood, but he brought milk like a child. Arjun shows him watch and leaves saying his time starts now. Mohini asks Shankchurn to be careful as Arjun must have planned something, so he gave him 1 hour. Shankchurn says Arjun has 1 hour instead.

Arjun, Aslam and Tina tie Noorie to a chair and make a circle of holy ash around her ask her to keep calm. Arjun says once Rajveer enters circle, he will burn as he is a snake. Rajveer comes aand acts as innocent. Arjun warns him to dare step on ash. Rajveer acts as coughing and says he cannot step on ash, smears it on his forehead and says he can respect it though. Arjun is shocked and holds Rajveer’s collar and asks what did he do. Noorie shouts to leave them alone. Rajveer whispers that he sent milk back to Arjun’s house and frees Noorie. He says his guru SP had wished him to marry Noorie on this day, but he does not think engagement will happen today. Noorie says engagement will happen today for sure and leaves. Arjun angrily kicks on chair.

Maheshwar and Yashoda hope Rajveer must have burnt with holy ash. Arjun comes fuming and throws fake holy ash pot on floor. Parents ask what is he doing. He says this is fake ash and Rajveer took Noorie easily, how can he know about his plan. Parents stand in a shock.

Aslam goes to his garage and asks his father not to exert himself as he brought tools himself. He goes near his father’s seat and sees a dummy instead of father. He sees Rajveer who warns him to obey him if he needs his father back. Aslam says he betrayed his friend for his father and asks where is his father. Shankchurn asks him to give him holy ash which he stole.

Precap: Someone gives holy necklace to Arjun and says he will see people’s real face if he wears it. Arjun sees snakes among people. He reaches Noorie’s house and sees Noorie and Rajveer’s engagement.

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