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Nagarjun 15th June 2016 Written Update

Arjun walks in jungle and sees temperatuer changing suddenly. He sees thunders on sky and storm. Asthika comes from behindand punches his back. Arjun flies in air, strikes tree and falls down injured. Pranali far away feels her son is in trouble. Astika comes near him and says this new form does not suit you guru Vasuki. he picks Arjun and says he knows Vasuki is staying in Amroli since 20 years in this boy’s form. He did not though he will find genius Vasuki in this form. He continues punching Arjun and Arjun falls in front of shiv ling. Pranali prays Mahadev to protect her son. Arjun hears temple bell and reminisces Vasuki’s words to beat bell and repat bam bhole twice, he will ome whereever he is. He beats bell and holding shiv ling says bam bhole and falls down. Astika comes near him and says you know Vasuki I don’t attack armless person, asks to get up and attack him.

Vasuki comes as snake, then takes human form, and asks Bhism’s pride was active till he did not take Kaurav’s side, even Vasuki did mistake by attacking an innocent boy. Astika says he was fool to think this boy as Vasuki. Vasuki says again he did mistake by attacking boy. Astika says he does not want to kill boy and was searching Vasuki. Vasuki says he shouldn ot dare attack boy again. Astika asks who is this boy. Vasuki says if he is searching him, then he should forget this boy, they will fight in battlefield.

Vasuki and Astika reach battlefield. Vasuki makes his many clowns. Astika gets gets weapon and attacks clown. Alll clowns vanish and reform again. Astika says he will leave this magic trap and find real Vasuki. Vasuki says whoever is on truth path does not have to worry. Astika destroys all clowns. Vasuki attacks him from behind. Astika says he is attacking from behind like cowards. Vasuki say sin battlefield warrior’s determination is seen and not his way of attack. He attacks Astika. Astika flies in air and reaches his hideout. He smiles and thinks wherever Vasuki hides, he will get him back by attacking Arjun.

Noorie comes to Arjun’s house and sees mom applying oil on Chutki’s scalp. Mom calls her in. She gives letter which reads she is apologetic. Mom says she does not have to. Noori emotionally says she reminds of her mother. Mom says mother reminds of mother itself and says she will apply hairoil on her scalp. Noorie says she remembers her mom applying hairoil when she was 6-year-old. Mom says she knows how to make her happy and feeds her food. Noorie says I am full mom, says sorry aunty. Mom says they are friends from today. Noorie says Arjun is lucky to have a mother like her. Mo says he is.

Vasuki comes back to jungle and looking at Arjun says he is not yet ready to fight with nag clan. He cures Arjun instantly with his super powers. Arjun wakes up and reminisces Astika injuring him. He asks Vasuki who attacked him and how did he got well. Vasuki says he must be having many questions. Arjun asks what is happening with him. Vasuki asks him to have patience. Arjun says he is getting restless thinking who is he, how does he know that he will be in trouble. Vasuki says he can just say that he is not a normal human, he has a motto in life and will get answers to all his questions when time comes. Arjun continues questioning. Vasuki touches his head and hypnotizes him. Arjun falls down and Vasuki leaves. Arjun finds himself in jungle shiv temple and shouts..

Percap: Arjun clashes with Shankchurn during party. Astika warns Vasuki to protect his powers as he is going to meditate for nagmani.

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