Naamkarann 14th September 2016 Written Update

Naamkarann 14th September 2016 Written Episode Update

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Naamkarann 14th September 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Avni making Asha drink milk. Asha says you are becoming Dadi amma. She asks Avni to finish the leftover milk. She packs paneer in tiffin. Avni says Ali loves paneer a lot, he is my best friend, we always fight, you also fight with Papa and become his best friend. She says I love yu and leaves for school. Asha smiles.

Ashish is on the way with his mum. His mum says you are Shravan Kumar, I m lucky to get a son like you. She sees footpath and recalls feeling her children. Ashish says I had to talk to you. She says yes, say. He asks why are you crying. She says I recalled something, see there at footlights on footpath. She says if we did not get a good man like Hemant Bhai, we would have been still living on footpath, there are few good people like him, I wish he gets fine soon. She drives ahead. Ashish hugs her.

They go to meet Hemant Bhai at hospital. Hemant says I m fine, I was hiding food under the bed, Lord saved me, come. Ashish touches his feet. Even Ashish’s mum Dayaben touches Hemant’s feet, saying even if you refuse, I will do my duty. Hemant says Ashish makes good movie, he makes good films, I realized he says deep philosophical things. He says doctor said they will keep me in observation, and doing many tests. She asks will you have sweets. He says yes, let doctor say anything, if they say much, I will change hospital. Ashish says its your hospital. Hemant says no one can come between me and food.

Hemant’s daughter comes and says statue. She talks to Ashish in friendly way. She asks where was he since many days. He says I was busy in films, you tell me Lady charity, I heard you won award. She says I m glad you keep my news. Dayaben congratulates Neela for winning award. Neela laughs and says I can’t forget you director Saab. She asks Hemant to sit as statue.

She asks Ashish to help her. She asks Hemant not to eat the sweets, since he is shifted to ICU, he is doing this, he has become kid, he was playing with kids in Pediatrics wards. Ashish says I will go. Neela says let him go, he would have to meet someone. Dayaben says no way, he is my son. Hemant says that’s why I called you, I want Ashish for my Neela. He requests Dayaben. Ashish gets shocked.

Dayaben tells Ashish that this is called Devpurush, he is giving and saying as if he is asking. She tells Hemant that Ashish is your son and Neela my daughter. She gives Neela’s hand to Ashish. Neela smiles. Ashish takes his hand away. He recalls his prmise to Asha and Dayaben’s words. Hemant asks Ashish what happened, there is no forcing, think well before answering. Dayaben says whats there to think, my Ashish has got numb, you have such a good news. She asks Ashish and holds his hand tight. Ashish says Kaka….. Neela says this is not fair, you show you are modern and aunty talks of women power, is this not my marriage. Hemant says you ….. Neela says I will talk to Ashish, after all I have to step in new life. Dayaben says she is right, its yes from Ashish’s side, lets know what Neela thinks. Hemant says fine, take Ashish along and talk. Neela asks Ashish to come. She takes Ashish out.

She thanks Ashish. He says why, I should thank you. She says thanks for break my heart and dream, I have seen just one dream that my prince charming will come and take me to dream world, he is going to love me and fulfill all my demands, he will bend on his knees and propose me, you spoiled everything inside. He asks why are you shouting, whats wrong with you. She relaxes and says I feel so relaxed now, don’t you know me, I don’t keep anger in me, I just vent it out. He says you did not change. She says why should I change, I m the best.

He says yes, you are best and should not change. She says why did you get silent hearing about marriage, if I m so good, I know intense drama, leave it, relax, tell me whats bothering you, is there any girl in your life. He nods and says there is a girl. She asks are you serious. He says yes. She picks her heart pieces from the floor and jokes. He says I m saying something personal.. She says sorry, who is she, tell me., does she love you. He nods. She asks do you also love her. He nods and asks where are you going. She says I m going to tell dad and aunty that we are not marrying. She cries.

He asks her to talk to him. He says I m joking. She beats him and asks whats wrong with you, is this something to joke. He asks can you just joke, stop shouting, don’t forget I m an entertainer. She says I like this humorous you, don’t joke again, I will punch you across your face. She hugs him and says I was really scared. He says fine, calm down. He gets a message and says I have to leave, stay here, I m going to airport. She says I m coming with you, aunty will be with dad.

Avni goes to school. A boy Ali smells the tiffin in her bag and says paneer…. Avni says this is not for you. He says you are refusing to me, your best friend. She asks where were you yesterday, I will not give you tiffin. He makes her laugh and says my name is laughing Buddha, I can make you laugh, we can share tiffin, sorry, I heard mind gets sharp by eating paneer. She says promise me, you will support me always. He promises he will not leave that Tia, who has hurt her with words. She says no need, my dad is coming. He says Mr. India is coming.

Tia comes with her dad. Avni tells Tia that her dad is coming on sports day to cheer her, and her family is also normal. Tia says whatever. Avni asks her to bet, if she wins race, you won’t play in colony park, else I won’t come in park. Tia says lets change the bet, you will have to give me your dream house if you lose, else I will give. She calls Avni loser and goes. Ali asks Avni will your dad really come…. else your dream house….

Avni says its imp for me that Papa comes. Ashish is with someone else, and Asha looks for him.

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