Naamkaran 30th September 2016 Written Update

Naamkaran 30th September 2016 Written Episode Update

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Naamkaran 30th September 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Hasmukh and Ashish talking on phone. Ashish says I told everything to Maa. Hasmukh asks what did Maa say, what happened, tell me, she can never accept this, I know. Ashish says nothing such happened, Maa accepted Asha and Avni. Hasmukh asks what, when did you think to tell me, you call me just to take advice and share problems. Ashish says I was going to tell you. Hasmukh says finally, your 11 year old problem got the solution. Hasmukh ends call and jokes infront of Diksha. He acts like talking to some girl and makes her jealous. She gets angry and says I will leave from house. He says sure, come after few days this time.

Avni recalls Ali’s words and asks Asha whom does Lord answer if two people ask for same thing. Asha says one whose prayer is true and who is suitable. Avni says I want Papa to come. Asha says just pray, it will be answered. Avni prays.

Its morning, Avni shouts to Asha and asks for her shoes. Asha asks whats this room’s state. Avni says I m getting late. Asha gives the shoes. Avni says wow, you have worn my and Papa’s fav saree you are looking so beautiful. She acts like Nanno. She kisses Asha and hugs her. Asha asks her to get ready and goes to make breakfast.

Asha asks her to have food. Avni says no, I have to run in race. Asha asks her to have some fruits. Avni eats fruits and runs to call Ashish. Asha says don’t call him, he would be in flight. Asha asks Avni to make her collar right. Sumi Tai and her husband get ready. She asks how do I look. He says very good. She smiles. They leave.

Ali asks Avni is Mr. India, sorry, your Papa coming? Avni says yes. Kia calls them losers and leaves. Ali gets angry. Avni says don’t waste energy, we will see her in race. Ali says I won’t take my mum along. Tai asks why. Ali says she will ask teacher to give me one more chance. Ali hides seeing his mum come. Avni says he is here. His mum scolds Ali. She says Avni told me you are also taking part in race, you did not tell me, I would have come along. Ali says go home, come next time. She says no, we will go now. Asha says come with us. Ali’s mum says I got ready so soon. Asha says even then you look pretty. Ali’s mum thanks her. Avni asks where is Nanno and Tiku. Fatima and Tiku come cheering and dancing for Avni’s victory. Avni and Ali dance along. Asha asks Fatima whats all this, why did you come in tempo. Fatima says how will everyone go to Avni’s school, why to go by taxi, I got his tempo from free, come. She asks all of them to sit. Sumi’s husband says we will come by taxi. Sumi says why, we will go with them. Tiku makes him sit in tempo. Fatima asks driver to start. They leave.

Hemant and Neela are at hospital, while engagement arrangements are getting done. Hemant talks to Neela. He pays money to the staff guy. Doctor comes and asks Hemant how is he. Hemant says I m fine. Doctor congratulates Neela. Neela says this hospital idea is bad, why are you doing this desperately, can’t we wait. Hemant says new memories, it will be special, when your children ask about your engagement, you tell them this hospital story, they will laugh. She says you tell them the story. Ashish’s family comes there. Hemant welcomes them. Hasmukh asks whats all this. Ketan says its mum’s idea, its surprise even for Ashish. Diksha asks what is it. Ketan says I will say. Hemant says let me say, its Ashish and Neela’s engagement today. Hasmukh gets shocked. Diksha and Hetal congratulate Neela. Hemant shows Neela engaged Ashish board. They all like it. Ketan asks whats this N above Ashish’s name. Hemant says its Neela’s copyright on Ashish, just she has right on him. They tease Neela. Hemant asks Ketan where is Dayan. Ketan says she had work at home, she will come.

Dayaben prays at home and says in Kurukshetra’s fight, you said you will come in Dharm Isthapana in every times, I m going to save my Dharm and keep my promise to true man like Hemant, Ashish will get engaged, I will not lose to that girl, protect me.

Avni and everyone are on the way singing song. Asha gets Ashish’s call. She asks did you come, I can’t hear you. She asks everyone to be quiet. He says I reached Bombay, I will call you. Asha smiles. He ends call. She holds her mangalsutra. Dayaben comes to receive Ashish. He gets glad and says you here. She says its surprise for you. He says but I have to go on sports day. She says we will go together, come. He hugs her and sits in her car, asking the man to drop his luggage home. He apologizes to Dayaben. She asks why. He says I gave you pain. She says its nothing like that. He asks are you annoyed with me. She says no. She asks driver to take them to temple. Ashish asks why, we will get later, we will go later. She does not listen to him. He gets worried.

Avni says I m afraid, mumma will Papa come. Asha says of course, he will see you by sitting on this chair. Ashish tells Dayaben that he will do what she says. She asks him to marry Neela. He gets shocked.

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