Naamkaran 19th October 2016 Written Update

Naamkaran 19th October 2016 Written Episode Update

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Naamkaran 19th October 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Avni telling Asha that Papa is not at home. Asha says he has gone to market. Avni asks are you saying true and cries. Asha says yes, see he has come. Avni runs and hugs Ashish. He asks what happened. Asha says she was afraid you are gone. Ashish says I went to medical store to get toothbrush. Avni asks him not to go anywhere leaving her. He says I won’t go anywhere and kisses her. She hugs him and says I won’t go school today. Asha asks what about tests. Ashish asks her to go school.

Avni asks Asha to wait, she will help Ashish. Avni asks Papa do you love me. Ashish says yes. Avni asks did you get car, will you come to drop me to school. He says no, I will come to drop you every day. She hugs him and says we will go to get Ganpati with Sumi Tai, we will go to enjoy in my holidays, we will go restaurant. He says fine, but everything like Asha’s fav. They dance and hug. Asha smiles. Avni says you are best Papa in the world.

Avni says I will tell Ali that I will not go by school bus, have bath fast. Asha says I did not see her so happy before. He asks is just Avni happy, not you. He holds her close. Avni comes with towel. She tells Ashish that Asha blushes the same way. She laughs and asks Ashish to get ready fast. Ashish says I love you Avni. She says I love you too.

Asha asks Ashish did you sleep well at night. He says no, I m not habitual to new bed, but this is also my house, don’t feel bad, I m joking. Asha cooks food. He coughs by smoke. She says sorry. He says its fine, ask me. She says Maa would have stopped you right. He says yes, she stopped, but I did not stop, I stopped for so many years, now its enough. She says Maa would have felt too bad. He says yes. She says even you. He asks her not to worry. She says Maa would be sad. He holds her and says Maa hates you, even then you worry for her, how do you get so much love. She says I don’t want your house to break. He says no, I came here to save my house. She says Maa will never forgive me. He says she will forgive one day, she loves me a lot, I trust my love. He hugs her. She worries.

Dayaben sits thinking. Ketan asks are you fine. She says yes, why. Hetal looks on. Ketan asks how to get Ashish back. Dayaben says don’t worry, go office, its my duty to get Ashish back. Hetal asks Ketan to say. Ketan says Maa, I will never leave you. Hetal cries. Dayaben says I know, you are my son, don’t do like Ashish. He says never. He hugs her and leaves.

Ali hides from Shazia. She sees him and beats. He asks her to listen. She asks what will you do. Ashok asks Shazia to control Ali, else he will get spoiled. He goes. Shazia beats him more. Sumi asks her to stop it now. Ali asks Shazia to listen to Sumi. Avni says I asked Ali to stop, as my Papa has come. Kia’s dad says Avni’s Papa. Avni announces presenting my handsome Papa, famous film director, Mr. Ashish Mehta. Ali says he is Mr. India, we can’t see him. Avni says I will call him.

Ashish asks Asha for a good morning kiss. Avni shouts Papa, I m getting late for school. Ashish says she won’t let me romance, I will drop her and come. Ashish and Asha come out. Avni smiles. Everyone get surprised seeing Ashish. Kia’s dad says he is Ashish Mehta, film director, he is Avni’s dad. Avni hugs Ashish and asks him to meet everyone. Ashish greets everyone. Ali checks is Ashish really there and shakes hands with Ashish. Ashish greets Shazia.

Shazia says I m Ali’s mum. He says I know, Avni tells me, I heard a lot about Sumi Tai. He thanks her for taking care of Asha and Avni. Sumi says the day is good, Ganpati is coming tomorrow. Avni says yes, Papa is also coming. Ali says I will come along. Avni asks him to come, they have to leave for school. Ashish asks them to sit in car. Asha waves bye and cries happily. Ashish smiles and leaves.

Avni and Ali reach school. Ali asks is it holiday, there is no one. Avni says we reached late. Ashish hugs Avni. She says I love you, I will make you meet everyone later. He greets gardener and asks them to go. He gets Dayaben’s call.

She asks how are you. He says fine, how are you. Avni comes back and hugs him. He asks what happened. Avni asks will you leave me and go to your mummy. He says no, I will stay with you. She asks will you come to pick me. He says yes. She says I love you, you are best Papa. Dayaben hears them and gets angry. Ashish says I love you too. Dayaben throws phone. Ashish says sorry Maa, I was talking to Avni. He calls back and she does not answer. Dayaben cries recalling his words. He says how to explain you Maa. She says you won’t understand what a mum’s heart goes through, it burns the heart, I will not let Asha win.

Asha talks to Ashish on call and laughs. Dayaben goes to meet Asha. Asha gets shocked and shaken up. Ashish says Ashudi…. Asha ends his call.

Written Update by Amena

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  1. superb episode…, avni’s excitement and her expressions while she introducing her papa to all are really so cute and the nice one is when dayaben is on call with ashish, avni came and hugs her papa and ask “app mujhe phir se Chod ke apne Maa ke pass toh nahi Jayenge na” then dayaben hears it and ends the call and feel bad. it seems that ashish not fall again in dayabens trap I hope so


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