Naamkaran 15th October 2016 Written Update

Naamkaran 15th October 2016 Written Episode Update

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Naamkaran 15th October 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Asha telling Ashish that Avni was asking meaning of Najayaz. Ashish gets shocked and cries. He tells Asha that he denied of knowing Avni, what did I do, I met her in party, she was with Ali, guard said she was stealing food. Asha cries and asks what, I m scared, we have to save Avni, she needs us. Ashish says I won’t let anything happen to my daughter, come with me. She asks where. He says police station, to file complaint. She asks but Maa…. He gets Dayaben’s call. Dayaben asks where are you, you did not come home. He says I was stuck in work, I went office. She asks him is everything fine. He says yes. She says come home, I kept grahshanti puja in morning. He says fine and ends call. Asha asks what did she say. He says nothing, come, we will go to police station, I just worry for my daughter today.

Ali says I know one place where you can know meaning of Najayaz. Avni asks where. Ali asks her to just come. He takes her to Fatima’s home. Fatima talks to Tiku and asks you are sure that Lord will answer your prayers, Lord burnt everything to ashes. He says its useless to talk to you, call Asha and ask her welfare. Fatima says I won’t talk to her. Avni and Ali come there. Tiku says you both here at this time, all fine. Avni says I have to meet Nannu. Fatima says its Avni. Avni hugs her. Fatima asks where is Asha. Tiku says they came alone. Fatima asks is Asha fine. Ali says Asha is fine, but Avni is not. Fatima asks why, did anyone tell anything.

Ali says we came for imp work. Fatima asks what. Avni says I have to ask something, promise me you will answer right. Fatima promises her. Avni asks who is king of jungle. Fatima asks did you come to ask this, Lion. Avni asks more questions and then asks who is Najayaz in this room. Fatima gets shocked and asks whats this question, its cheap, I don’t have answer. Avni says this is my question, you promised me. Fatima says leave from here. Avni says Nanno, I know I m Najayaz, I don’t know meaning. Fatima cries and hugs her. She says no, there is no such word, someone joked badly with you.

Ali thinks and asks Fatima to swear on Lord and say truth, I know you can’t lie now. Tiku asks Fatima to tell Avni, she had to know one day. Fatima worries. Ali asks her to say truth. Fatima tells Avni that society laws decide Jayaz and Najayaz, the kids whose parents did not get married, those kids are called Najayaz, but where there is love, no kid is Najayaz, your mumma proved this. Avni gets shocked.

Asha and Ashish are on the way. Asha gets Tiku’s call. Tiku says Avni is here, come here fast, Avni and Ali are fine. Asha gets glad and tells Ashish. Fatima tells Avni that Asha gave birth to you, you are angel in our life, I was wrong that I asked Asha not to get you in this world, its good she did not agree to me, else how would happiness come in our life, Tiku took care of you and Asha a lot, I used to get ashamed when Asha got pregnant, but Tiku always supported her, he has become Asha’s mother in that time and did my duties.

Avni goes to Tiku and hugs him. Tiku cries a lot. Avni wipes his tears. Asha comes running and hugs Avni. She asks what was all this, Ashish looked for you everywhere. Ashish comes there. Avni says he is not my Papa. Ashish gets shocked. Asha asks are you mad, you are angry, it does not mean he is not your dad. Avni says if he was my dad, he would have stayed with us, he would have not denied to identify me, Ashish did not marry mumma by fear of his mom, that’s why I m illegitimate. Asha says its not like that.

Avni says enough, you don’t need to lie. She tells Ashish to go to his mum as he loves her, and she will stay with Asha as she loves her. Asha gets angry and asks Avni how can she say this. Ashish cries and stops Asha. He gets speechless and leaves. Ashish walks on the road and recalls Avni’s birth, and her words. He stands in the rain and runs. He falls down. Asha gets restless. She checks Avni. Avni is sleeping. Asha looks outside her house. Ashish lies on the road. Asha shuts the door. She hugs Ashish’s pic and cries.

Avni sees Asha offering Namaz, and asks her do you offer Namaz by shutting door, you won’t shut door to pray Namaz. Dayaben asks Ashish to accept her hatred. Ashish says I love you Maa, I can’t live with your hatred, I m leaving this house.

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