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Naagin 8th May 2016 Written Update

The episode starts with Yamini acting mad and then laughing and saying she just acted to make Rithik believe that she has gone made and escape death. She says realized Rithik is alive when she saw his blood. She calls Gurumaa and asks to come here soon. Gurumaa enters. Shivanya sees her in nagin form and informs Rithik that Gurumaa has come. Rithik asks her not to go in front of her. Shivanya says she will be careful and goes in. Guruma stands near dining table to drink water. Shivanya gets into her clothes. Gurumaa goes to Yamini’s room and asks why is she looking like ghost. Yamini shouts Rithik is still alive and even after clearing gun’s magazine into him, he did not die. Gurumaa says if icchadhari nagin is with him, he will not die. Shivanya goes and informs Rithik that their doubt is right, Yamini knows he is alive, they should run from here. Rithik says it is good and now they can take a next move. He goes in with Shivanya. Shivanya changes to Sesha and asks how dare Yamini is to to try to kill him, she will not spare her. Yamini hears their conversation silently and leaves.

Sangram singh is buy praying in shiv mandir. Sesha comes and strangulates his neck and asks him to give nagmani, else she will bite him. Sangram says she cannot bite him as he ahs rajvansh mark on his neck and says she is same like Yamini who killed her son and husband and she killed her guru for nagmani. Sesha says Rithik cannot die. Sangram asks her to go and ask Yamini itself.

Yamini rushes towards gurumaa’s cave in her car when Sesha comes as a huge snake and attacks her. She ties her to a tree and shouts how dare she is to kill her Rithik. Yamini says why will she kill Rithik. Sesha says her brother Sangram told she killed Rithik. Yamini thinks how does Sangram know and says Sangram lied and sometime ago she saw her speaking to Rithik. Sesha says she was in shiv temple with Sangram and not in her house. Yamini says then Shivanya must have come there and tricked them. Sesha asks how will they know Sesha is alive. Yamini says only gurumaa can tell them now. They both go to gurumaa’s cave. Gurumaa with her black magic sees Shivanya and Rithik praying in temple. Sesha shouts she will kill Shivanya. Yamini says Shivanya is trapping Rithik, now will they kill her now. Sesha says she has a plan.

Rithik tells Shivanya that he accepts her as his wife by heart, though they cannot spending time together, they can live toether. Shivaya asks where will they stay. Rithik says whereever Yamini cannot reach.

Gurumaa performs yagna and Yamini and Sesha look at her black magic silently. Temperature lowers. Sesha says ichadhari nagins cannot stay in cold, Shivanya will die in cold. Yamini orders her to go and kill Shivanya. She leaves. Shivanya starts feeling cold. Rithik dorns his coat over her. Shivanya says ichadhari nag/nagin cannot tolerate cold. He says he cannot understand outside temperature is fine, but inside temple it is very cold. He takes her out of temple. A tornado rushes towards them. They both run. Shivanya falls down. Tornado attacks shivanya and she gets trapped in snow boulder. Rithik asks her not to worry, he iwll do something. He brings stick and tries to break it unsuccessfully. His hand starts bleeding. He tries to break ice with stone, but cannot. He then runs back to temple and prays shivji that Shivanya tells he is her parents and parents always protect their children. He picks trishul, rushes towards Shivanya, and breaks ice boulder with one trishul blow. He then picks unconscious Shivanya and rushes toa a nearby hut and rubs her hand. He calls for help, but nobody comes. He tries to wake up Shivanya and continues rubbing her extremities. He lights nearby lamps and continues rubbing extremities, but to no avail. He thinks even fire is not helping Shivanya’s condition, he has to do something. He draws curtain all over, removies his shirt, and tightly hugs her, giving his body’s heat. Shivanya feels his warmth. He then kisses her back. She turns around. He kisses her lips.. In lamhon ke daaman me…song…plays in the background. They both consummate their marriage. Shivanya wakes up after sometime and shies reminiscing Rithik’s intimacy. She gives Rithiik’s shirt and asks him to wear it. He holds her hand and asks why… She shyingly walks aside and asks if he will stay like this. He holds her from back and says why is she shying, as a husband and wife, they consummated their marriage. She says but rithik.. He says this had to happen this way. She hugs him and says he saved her life. He says she saved his life many times and ties god’s thread, says this is god’s blessings and will protect her. She emotionally hugs him. Panchmukhi nag comes. Shivanya becomeshalf snake and prays it. Panchmukhi nag says nagin and human cannot unite and now she will lose all her powers, a big disaster happens when this happens. Shivanya pleads panchmukhi nag to return her powers to protect her husband. Nag leaves. Shivanya gets into human form and loses all her powers.

Rithik tells Shivanya that because of him, she lost all her powers. She says he protected her. He says it is good, she is human now and they can start a new life. She asks how will she protect him from Sesha and Yamini. He says he will help her take revenge. They both hug. Sesha watches them hugging and fumes that Shivanya got intimate with Rithik before her, she will not spare shivanya now. Rithik goes to bring food for Shivanya. Shivanya changes her dress in a hut and reminisces her and Rithik’s first meeting and their romance thereafter, consummating their marriage, etc. She shyingly smiles and says this place gave their love a new life, she will make this place their temple of love. Sesha comes in nagin form. Shivanya senses someone behind, but does not find anyone. She starts brooming house. Sesha comes in front and bites her. She falls down unconscious. Shesha comes into human form again and smirks. Shivanya wakes up and finds herself tied to a temple pillar. Sesha says she would have killed her, but she did not want to lose her love Rithik. She asks Shivanya how is she feeling becoming human. She strangulates her nekc and asks if she is feeling pain. Shivanya shouts yes.. Shesha says she does not have any powers and cannot protect herself. Shivanya says she has sindhoor power and Rithik accepted her completely., his love is her power, now she will live with Rithik her whole life, but Shesha will live alone biting. Sesha takes Shivanya’s sindhoor and applies on her forehead and says Shivanya spent 1 night with Rithik, but she will spend whole life with Rithik. She takes Shivanya’s form and says she is going back to Rithik. Shivanya shouts no….

Rithik brings food and searches Shivanya in whole hut. He finds Shivanya’s protective thread on floor and thinks if she is in trouble. He runs searching her. Sesha as Shivanya goes to guruma’s cave. Gurumaa asks how did she come here, she will die now. Sesha says she did not identify her and takes her form. Yamini asks if she killed Shivanya or not. Sesha says she did not feel necessary to kill Shivanya, now she will bring nagmani, thinks let 2 oldies sit here, she will get nagmani and will never come back. Yamini tells gurumaa that black nagin’s heart is also black, she should find out where Shivanya is. Sesha goes back to hut and says she is back.

Precap: Sesha gets intimate with Rithik. Yamini orders Shivanya to get nagmani from Rithik, else she will kill Rithik. Shivanya stops Rithik from giving nagmani to Sesha. Yamini shoots Sangram and he falls down.

Written Update by H Hasan

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