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Naagin 6th December 2015 Written Update

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The episode starts with Rithik and Shivanya’s romance. Rithik tells Shivanya that she has not gone out since she came here, so he will get her on Mumbai’s sight seeing.

Shailesh tells Ramya that they will not attend Ankush’s dinner party and if Suri wants to meet him, he can come here. Suri enters just then. Shailesh gets happy seeing him and hugs. Suri jokes if he got 2 or 3rd wife. Shailesh says she is same Ramya. Ramya asks to stop joking. Suri asks her to get a cup of tea and sends her to kitchen. He tells Shailesh that he got a big Paris customer for nagmani. Shailesh says he will not come to Ankush’s house after he rejected Tanvi for Rithik. Suri reminds him of the promise they all 5 friends made. Shailesh reminisces they all making a promise that whoever will break friendship will not get a share after selling. Shailesh agrees to attend Ankush’s dinner party.

Yamini with other family women prepares dinner for Ankush’s party. Rithik comes there and asks Shivanya to get ready soon as they have come back before dinner party. He goes to room and goes into bathroom for a bath. Shivanya comes, thinks Rithik must have gone out, and thinks she should change her dress before Rithik comes. She removes her dress. Rithik just comes out in towel. They both see each other and shout. Yamini hears their shout and come there to check, but gets shy and turns her face and walks out. Rithik and Shivanya both get embarrassed. They start arguing with each other and Rithik goes to bathroom to change then. Once the get ready, Yamini comes and says she forgot that his son is married now and will be careful hereon before coming in. Shivanya says she can come in any time. Rithik says they are going out and will come back by dinner.

They then walk out, but Shivanya gets shy and says she will wear bindi and come back. Rithik asks to look into his eyes like a mirror as she has worn bindi. Their romantic nok jhok starts. Angad sees their romance and whistels. Rithik scolds him and he runs from there after teasing him. Tanvi comes there just then and leaves seeing them together. Shivanya says he should go and revive his old friendship. Rithik jokes that he wants to revive new friendship first with her. She insists and sends him behind Tanvi.

Ankush and Suri arm wrestle with family encouraging Ankush. Shailesh comes with Ramya. After that, they all 3 go to a room and Shailesh says he came for Suri and not for Ankush. Shailesh says he is still stuck at Tanvi’s marriage when their lives are in danger. He gives them guru maa’s given ring and asks to wear it. Shailesh throws ring saying he does not believe in all this and Suri jokes as usual.

Inebriated Amrita meets Shivanya and tells she wanted to know if someone has 6 fingers in family. shivanya nods yes. Amrita says Suri uncle has 5 fingers.

Everyone sit for dinner. Shivya to confirm if Suri has 6 fingers serves shivji’s charn amrit/prasad to everyone and insists to remove his gloves. Suri wears fake finger on his double thumb and accepts prasad. Shivanya thinks inebriated Amrita lied.

Post dinner, Suri starts flirting with his 3rd wife and tells Ankush that he will leave now. Shivanya silently burns Suri’s wife’s sari. Suri sets off fire with his bare hands and removes his fake thumb. Shivanya sees his 6 fingers and thinks he must be her parent’s one of murderer.

Sesha calls Shivanya via PCO and asks to meet her and tell what Guru maa told. Shivanya meets her and tells that Yamini orcefully took her to meet guru maa. She could not enter in as a hawk was behind her and wanted to kill her. Sesha says guru maa must have sent hawk. Shivanya says Suri has 6 fingers, but she wants to confirm he killed her parents before she kills him. Shesha says he is the one and she should kill everyone including Rithik and his siblings are everyone are culprit directly or indirectly. Shivanya says her mother used to always tell not to harm innocent. Sesha after a long confrontation says she will find out if Suri is one of murderer or not.

Suri is busy romancing his wife when Ankush calls him and says customer who is buying nagmani wants to meet them at night as his US flight is in the morning. Suri agrees. It is Sesha who called Suri taking Ankush’s form and she changes back. Yamini comes. Sesha changes back to Ankush and asks what solution did guru maa give. She asks if he does not know. He says he mean will it help them. She says it will and they should not talk about it.

Sesha wearing s*xy outfit waits for Suri on highway acting as her car breaking down. Suri gets mesmerized seeing her beauty and stops car. She requests for help. He starts flirting her. Guru maa senses that Suri is in trouble and sends her hawk to kill nagin. Hawk comes and attacks Sesha. After a vigorous fight, Sesha kills hawk turning into snake. Suri is shocked to see that. Sesha then says she came back to punish them for their 20-year-old sin.

Precap: Suri informs Shailesh and Ankush that nagiin has come back to punish them. Shivanya tells Shesha that she will kill Suri first and then Shailesh. She kills Suri while he doing workout.

Written Update By H Hasan


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