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Naagin 6th March 2016 Written Episode Update

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The episode starts with Ankush taking Sangram Singh forcefully into his car. Sesha sees that in nagin’s form, changes to human and thinks who is the person Ankush took in his car.

Shivanya reminisces Sesha’s words that her mang tika was given by Panchner’s raja to her mom and mark on Rithik’s neck means he is also related to raj vansh and has connection with nagmani. Rithik comes and asks what is she thinking and jokes. She asks when didhe get tattoo on his neck. He starts joking again and changes topic. She says that mark is related to nagmani and whoever possesses it will get lots of wealth and peace. He says his wealth is her and she can sacrifice many nagmanis for her. Shivanya thinks Rithik is innocent and does not know anything about nagmani.

Yamini tells Ankush that Rithik is Panchner’s rajkumar and only he can bring nagmani. Rithik enters and she starts her drama. She tells Rithik that they are from Panchner’s royal family and protectors of nagmani, but nagin wants to steal nagmani. Rithik says he will protect nagmani from nagin and will bring it to her. Shivanya hears that standing near door and angrily thinks Rithik lied, he knows about nagmani, but then thinks he may not be involved in her parent’s murder. Rithik comes to room and tells Shivanya that nagin is behind nagmani and he promised mom and dad to bring nagmani for them.

Yamini goes to jungle where Ankush has kept Sangram Singh and starts emotionally blackmailing Sangram that she betrayed him being his sister, he had a big dysnasty and was raja, but she made him beggar, he is very bad. Ankush tries to console him and she shouts at him that he is the one who made her betray her brother. She continues emotional atyachar and finally pushes him from cliff. Ankush asks why did she kill her brother. She says he was alive as he could get her nagman, but now his son Rithik will get her nagmani, so he had to die.

Sesha aks Shivanya if she saw Rithik’s true face today, now she has only way to protect nagmani, to kill Rithik. Shivanya pleads her not to kill Rithik and says she will give him mild poison and make him unconscious for 18 hours, he will not get nagmani then. Sesha agrees. Shivanya goes back to Raheja house, sees Rithik on sofa, and tries to bite him with mild poison but falls down. Rithik turns and sees her on floor and laughs that she used to taunt her, but fell herself. Shivanya thinks why could not she touch Rithik. Rithik shows guruma’s ring and says dad gave it to him and now if nagin touches him, she will burn.

Yamini tells nagmani buyers that soon her son will bring nagmani and they should get 800 crores ready. They say they are ready with money.

Rithik travels with Ankush towards cave where nagmani is. Shivanya and Sesha try to stop his car via tornado, but he does not stop car. Sesha then throws boulders and Rithik stops car on time and walk in jungle. Sesha says they have do something more. Sesha becomes Yamini and Shivanya grips her in nagin’s form. Yamini pleads Rithik to save her and he runs towards her. Ankush stops him and says this is nagin and not Yamini as yamini has guruma’s ring as locket and he asks her to show her ring. They both turn back to nagins and escape from there. Rithik is shocked. Rithik then goes into cave and sees nagmani.

Bhairavnath prays shivji to protect Shivanya and Sesha as they are trying hard to protect nagmani. He then sees in havan fire that Rithik is trying to pick nagmani and prays Shivaji to come himself and protect nagmani. Shivanya and Sesha watch helplessly hiding in a corner. 5-face snake comes and tries to protect nagmani. Sesha happily says shivji came to protect nagmani. Rithik bendsto pick nagmani. Snake sees Rithik’s neck tattoo and does not bite him. Rithik picks nagmani and looks at it carefully. Shivanya shockingly watches and thinks what miracle is this. Gurudev watching this on havan fire thinks what did nag devta see in Rithik that he let him take nagmani.

Rithik reaches home and shows Yamini nagmani. Yamini gets happy and prays for his long life. Rithik gives her nagmani and she happily hugs him and thinks Rithik will die like his father.

Sesha with Shivanya walks in jungle with gurudev and asks him what to do now, Ankush will sell nagmani to foreigners. Gurudev says only god can save nagmani. Blood drops falls on his hand from tree and he sees a man on tree. Shivanya says she has seen these clothes somewhere. They get him down and Shivanya says she saw him in haveli and sprinkles water on him. Gurudev sees his face and says he looks exactly like Rithik and has tattoo mark on his neck. Shivanya says he is Rithik’s real father.

Precap: Yamini stabs nagin and she falls down. Ankush tells his goons to kill Rithik and portray it as accident. Rithik’s car falls from cliff.

Written Update By H Hasan


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