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Naagin 5th June 2016 Written Update

Soldiers chant maharaj ki jai ho for Chandravanshi Mahishmati raja. Raja says they are waiting since 25 years to get nagmani, but it is with suryavanshis. They will snatch nagmani from suryavanshis today at any cost. Sesha watches his speech standing behind. He sees Sesha and orders soldiers to bring her. Soldiers take her in front and ask her to bend in front of raja. She says she is nagin and knows only to bite. He says she is the one Rani ordered to bring. Sesha realizes that like bees, Rani rules even mahishmatis. Rani comes stepping on soldiers and asks where is the nagin whom she is waiting for 25 years. Raja points at Sesha. Rani says she will pray her if she brings nagmani. Sesha says even she needs nagmani. Rani says if she brings nagin, they both will use its powers. Raja says let us go and break wall.

Rithik with Shivanya comes near wall and says he can hear mahishmati coming, how will they stop them. Shivanya says she will with her super powers. Sesha tells raja and rani that their whole army of 1000s cannot break wall and only she can break it. They all head towards wall and Sesha cracks wall with one blow of hand. Shivanya with her super powers sends fills cracks with snakes. Wall gets strong again. Shesha gets tensed. Rani says if wall is unbreakable by nagin, then there must be another nagin on the other side. Sesha says there was one nagin, but she has lost her powers. She changes to snake and enlarges herself to see who is on the other side. Shivanya also changes into 5-head snake/panchnag and enlarges herself. Sesha asks who is this new nagin. Shivanya shows her face. Sesha asks how did she get back her powers.

Shivanya says Sesha that they are protectors of nagmani and she should stop helpig evil mahishmatis. Sesha says she will get nagmani at any cost and will teach her a lesson today. she creates storm and tries to attack Shivanya. Shivanya retaliates with fire and blows of storm. Sesha throws axe and Shivanya breaks it. Sesha is shocked. Rani taunts this is all she had, she special dagger from bee hub and orders her to kill other nagin, else she will die. Shesha goes on the other side via wall crack.

Rithik explains nags that they should protect nagmani at any cost. Sesha stabs Shivanya from behind and she falls down. Rithik holds her in his lap and starts crying. Sesha says no there is no one between Rithik and him and even nagmani is hers. Shivanya asks Rithik to save nagmani. Rithik says he will not leave her alone. Shivanya insists. Sesha runs to get nagmani. She enters shiv mandir and gets nagmani from under shivling. Rithik comes and Sesha says now they both can rule this world with is nagmani. Rithik says he is protector of nagmani and is a suravanshi, does not want to rule this world. Shesha becomes snake and tries to attack him. He picks trishul and stabs her. Her injury heals instantly with nagmani power. Sesha strangulates Rithik, but stops saying she cannot kill her love. She leaves from there with nagmani and storm stops Rithik.

Sesha reaches mahishmati kingdom and raja extends hand to take it. Rani comes and extends hand. Shivanya gives it to her. Rani says she got nagmani after 25 years. Raja says let us keep it in its place. Rani walks out of wall instead of going to palace. Raja asks why is rani going out of wall instead of going to palace. Sesha says only nagin can do this. She follows rani. Rani goes to shiv temple and keeps nagmani on shiv ling and changes into Sesha. Shesha is shocked. Shivanya says nagmani went back to shivji and is safe forever. Sesha asks how she take rani Avantika’s form. Shivanya says she forgot that she is ichadhari nagin and can take any form. She further says she did not die and reminsices waking up in Rithik’s arms. Rithik gets happy seeing her alive. She says her powers will not let her die till sunset and asks him to go and protect nagmani and herself enters mahamishmati kingdom.

Rani comes out of palace. Raja asks how come she is coming from palace after going out via wall. She says if she can pass wall, she would have got nagmani 25 years ago. She reminisces Shivanya biting her and making her asleep. Shivanya comes on the other side of wall and says for another 25 years they cannot break this wall after sunrise. Sun raises. Sesha tries to break wall unsuccessfully. Rani orders bees to confine Sesha for 25 years until she breaks wall.

Shivanya and Rithik prays shiv ling and tells Rithik that she became normal human now and her duty is to do tapasya/meditate and his duty is to protect nagmani. Their ways are diffeent now. Nags come and surround shivling. Sivanya asks yogi raj what is happening. Yogi raj says it is a sign that they will have a child and child will be unique. It can be either human or nagin or both and if he/she marries human, it will bring badluck for him/her. Their child will born for sure. Shivanya says Rithik their life’s new chapter begings.

Shivanya and Rithik romance in flower garden. He dorns flower in her hair and she asks how to see how she is looking. He says she can looking into his eyes. She gets nauseous and says she is feeling uneasy. He says in human, it is common symptom of pregnancy and holds her tummy. She realizes that she is pregnant.

Yogi raj describes that new battle will start and either Shivanya’s son or daughter will be born. Whole serial’s flashback is shown and Yogi raj with his meditation realizes if son or daughter will be born. Shivanya and Rithik lead a happier life. Serial’s first season ends with a promise of second season with 25 years leap in October 2016 is promised.

Serial’s second season’s highlights are shown, starting in October 2016.

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