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Naagin 5th December 2015 Written Update

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The episode starts with Rithik’s marriage reception party. Rithik’s friends greet him and askshim to call Tanvi bhabhi. Rithik says he did not marry Tanvi. They asks whom he married then. Shivanya comes just then and he introduces her as his wife. They all greet her.

Host addresses guests and welcomes them to bollywood theme party. He asks Rithik and Shivanya to rock the floor. Shivanya shies that she does not know to dance. Rithik asks her to follow his steps and dances holding her on song. Qurban hua….He seese her wearing only 1 earing ring and asks if it is a fashion. She says she forgot to wear and tries to leave. He pulls her and takes out earring from his blazer pocket.

Host then introduces Amrita. Amrita performs naagin dance on Mai teri dushman dushman tu mera…song.. Shivanya’s skin starts changing to nagin skin and she thinks she has to go to temple right now to remove her old skin. She tries to leave, but Rithik’s cousin stops her. She purposely clashes with waiter and drinks fall on her. Sher runs in lieu of cleaning herself. Her skin completely changes into snake skin. She thinks she cannot reach temple to pray and should pray at home temple itself. She prays shivji to protect her as he is everywhere. She turns into nagin and dances and then takes human form again and leaves old skin on floor. She goes and join back party.

Panditji comes and Yamini after touching his feet asks how come he is here. He says Ankush called him to Rithik’s birthday party. Yamini smiles. He asks Rithik and Shivanya to perform pooja. Yamini asks servant to bring pooja thali from temple and herself goes to call Shivanya. Shivanya stands back drying her sari. Yamini takes her down. Servant sees snake skin in front of temple and worriedly informs Yamini. Everyone run towards temple and are shocked to see snake skin.

Panditji says Yamini that her family is in big trouble as naagin has entered her house and asks where is his given bel patra mala. She says it is on main door. Rithik says he saw dried leaves, so removed it. Pandit says he has a solution and says once he burns snake skin with mantras, nagin will come in front of them. He takes everyone outside and puts snake skin on wood to burn it.

Sesha senses Shivanya is in trouble and informs Bhairavnath. They both pray Shivji to protect Shivanya.

Panditji is about to burn snake skin when storm starts. He says this is a big indication from Shivji that something is wrong. Shivanya silently picks snake skin and stands back next to Rithik. Pandit ji sees skin missing. Ankush checks wood and does not find it. Panditji says only Guru maa can save them now.

Shivanya goes back to room and gets tensed thinking who must be guru maa. Sesha comes there and says she felt her life is in danger, so she came here. Shivanya says she escaped today, but family is going to meet guru maa today. Rithik comes there and asks why is she looking tensed. Sesha hides but gets injured by metal stand. Rithik hears metal stand falling and tries to check, but Shivanya stops him. Sesha runs towards window. Rithik sees blood on floor and asks how did this blood come. Shivanya cuts her wrist and says it is her blood. Rithik appiles bandage on her wound while Sesha escapes from there.

In the morning, Shivanya goes to kitchen to prepare breakfast. Yamini comes there and says servants are there to cook. Shivanya says she likes cooking. Yamini says she should also come with them to meet guru maa. Inebriated Amrita comes there with wobbly gait. Yamini scolds her thats nagin will kill her seeing her drunk always. She should come to meet guru maa with them. Shivanya thinks at shivji solved her problem of knowing who is guru maa.

Panditji takes Yamini, Ankush, Shivanya and Amrita to guru maa’s cave and enters in alone. Guru maa asks if they came. He asks how does she know. She says she can smell them and their problems. Thorn pricks Shivanya’s leg and she shouts in pain. Yamini asks Ankush to get first-aid box from car. Shivanya says guru maa must be waiting for them, so they should go and meet her first. She will herself apply bandage on her leg. Yamini asks Amrita to take care of Shivanya and leaves.

Guru maa says Ankush and Yamini that nagin has come back after 20 years and says one of them killed her family, so she came to take revenge. Shivji is protecting nagin, so they cannot harm her. She gives special necklace and says this will protect their family. She sends her hawk to bring nagin. Nagin starts following Shivanya. Shivanya runs to save herself. She turns into nagin and escapes between narrow stones. Hawk gets stuck between stones. She turns back to human form and goes back. Yamini and Ankush search her and see her coming back and asks where she was. She says a hawk was running behind snake and she is afraid of snake. Amrita also comes back. Yamini scolds her for not being with Shivanya and takes them back home.

At home, Amrita jokes that Rithik’s 6 fingers look very s*xy. Shivanya reminisces Bhairavnath telling that her parent’s one of killer has 6 fingers and says Amrita that Rithik has only 6 fingers. Amrita says she is talking about Rithik Roshan and laughs. Shivanya asks if anyone has 6 fingers, Ankush’s friends?? Amrita says she does not know and once she will see someone with 6 fingers, she will inform her first.

Ankit’s friend Suri comes with his friend and extends his 6 finger hand. Ankith shakes hand and hugs him. He introduces his new wife and asks where are bride and groom, where is party. Amrita sees alcohol bottle in his hand and gets excited. Angad says he thought that girl is his daughter, but she is his wife. Amrita says after drinking alcohol, even oldie looks young. Suri asks where are bride and groom. Yamini introduces Rithik and Shivanya. He says good choice, looking at Shivanya. Shivanya tries to touch his feet. He says he is of her and just married, so she should not touch his feet.

Ankush while having drinks with Suri alone informs him about nagin and all the incidents happened. Suri laughs. Ankush says already Shailesh is tring to break their friendsip and now he is joking. Suri says their friendship is very old and he will bring Shailesh for his dinner party tonight.

Shivanya thinks she should know what solution guru maa gave to Yamini to protect family.

Precap: Shivanya sees 6 fingers in Suri’s hand and thinks she will do anything to take revenge. Tanvi hears that.

Written Update By H Hasan


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