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Naagin 5th March 2016 Written Episode Update

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The episode starts with Shesha apply medicine in Gurudev Bhairavnath’s wounds. She stands thinking. He asks what is she thinking. She says there is connection between nagmani and Rithik’s neck tattoo and who will tell them about this connection. Gurudev says only her mother can tell it and she stay away from snake city. Sesha leaves to meet her mother.

Rithik and Shivanya search for a portrait in store room. Yamini wearing mask and overcoat steals portrait and hides. Shivanya says Rithik she feels someone is here. Rithik says there is no one and takes her from there. Yamini holding portrait thinks Rithik should not know secret in this portrait. Rithik with shivanya then drivers car and car breaks down. They both get down and walk towards a cave. He sees Gurumaa’s rings. Shivanya asks him to keep them with them, they will ask gurumaa what to do with these rings. They enter cave and sees chains and locks.

Rithik’s father/Raja (whose replica Rithik is) after freeing himself walks in jungle and washes his face. He thinks he has to find out his son soon and thinks how can his sister Yamini with gardener betray her. He will have to find his son and save him from sinner Yamini.

Yamini is seen throwing water on portrait. Ankush asks what is she doing. She asks who is she, he says Yamini. She asks who is he. He says maali/gardener. She asks what is she doing. He says destroying portrait. She asks then why is she questioning him.

Rithik with Shivany reaches back home and asks why were rings outside cave and where did the portrait go. They need to find out. He picks out rings, sees Shivanya’s toe injured and applies medicine on it holding rings near her. Her face turns into snake skin and she writhes in pain. He then makes her sleep on bed and pampers her hair and her back turns snake skin. She acts as coughing and keeps rings on table and brings water forher. She relaxes and carefully watches tattoo mark on his neck.

In the morning, Shivanya goes to Anjali, shows tattoo sketch and asks if she saw this tattoo in nagmani book. Anjali says she read all amazing raja maharaja stories but did not see this tattoo. Yamini enters with Ankush and asks what are nanad/bhabi talking about. Gurumaa enters and says there are 2 nagins and not 1 as one took her form the other day and another was taking revenge. Rithik comes and says even he saw 2 nagins. Ankush asks what is the solution to catch them. Guru maa says she will do pooja and become strong to fight with nagin.

Sesha reaches her mom’s home and mom gets very happy. Shesha shows her Shivanya’s maang tika and mark on it and asks what is connection between this mark and nagmani. Mom says it is time to reveal the secret now and says this maang tika is given by Panchner’s maharaja to Shivanya’s mom and says only Panchner’s raj vansh can touch nagmani and are protectors of nagmani along with ichadhari nags. It is their family mark. Sesha thinks that is why Shivanya gets attracted to Rithik as heis from raj vansh.

Rithik gives rigns to gurumaa and says he found them in a cave and found chains and locks there. Yamini asks why did he go there. Shivanya says they had gone to haveli to find out portrait. Rithik says he gets dreams of him in raja’s attire and thinks the portrait wants to tell him something. Ankush says he had made that portrait when he was in London, there is nothing special about it. Gurumaa says she wants to do pooja first and they all gather near havan. She asks where is dhatura. Yamini says she will bring dhatura flowers and takes Ankush. She strangualtes his neck and asks if Sangram Singh escaped and where is he now. Ankush maali says he does not know. She says if Sangram meets his son Rithik, their secret will be out and if she is caught, she will not spare even him.

Rithik’s siblings give him bhang mixed milk and forces him to drink shivji’s prasad. Rithik gives it to Shivanya and forces her to drink it. Rithik’s siblings think their plan failed. Shivanya starts behaving weird after getting inebriated. Siblings help Rithik to drop Shivanya to her bed and leave. Rithik locks door and goes to washroom. He comes back and asks Shivanya if she is fine. Shivanya proposes him and says if her sister Shivanya will know about it, she will get angry. She continues that her sister is a… and if she calls her name, she will come here. Rithik turns into Sesha and says she came here and says she knew she would do this, so she came here beforehand. She asks what if she would have told this to Rithik. Rithik comes out of washroom and Sesha becomes snake and hides. Rithik asks Shivanya if she is fine now. She says she got inebriated after drinking bhang milk.

Rithik takes his siblings out of house and says they will stay out as a punishment. Siblings joke that he looks more inebriated than bhabhi. Raja Sangram singh reaches there and gets happy seeing his son Rithik. Just when he is about to speak to him, Yamini catches him and shouts why did he come here, how did he escape, she will kill him now. He says she will not until she gets nagmani and he will not give her nagmani. She shouts and calls rithik for help and says this man was trying to enter house and wants to harm them. Servants beat Sangram Singh. Ankush comes and sends servants in. Yamini asks Ankush to take Sangram Singh away from here. Rithik feels connection with his dad.

Precap: Yamini throws Sangram Singh from cliff. Snake captures TYamini and she calsl Rithik for help Shivanya and Sesha create tornado to stop Rithik’s car.

Written Update By H Hasan


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