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Naagin 2nd April 2016 Written Episode Update

The episode starts with Sangram Singh realizing that his son Rithik is married to a nagin. He reminisces Yamini asking what is in nagmani book. He says it has everything about nagmani and will guide him regularly. He comes out of flashback and thinks he has to find and read book again to know what to do next.

Shivanya gets ready in her room. Yamini brings her necklace and asks to wear it. Shvianya says she does not need it though it is beautiful. Yamini inists and dorns it in Shivanya’s neck, imagining dorning it to nagin. She tightens thread. Shivanya says it is hurting. Yamini apologizes and starts emotional atyachar. She with fake tears says her brother is alive, she saw him yesterday. She says her brother and Ankush killed icchadhari nagins for nagmani. She continues that nagin thinks she is 5th murderer when her brother is 5th murderer and wants to kill her. Nagin wants to kill her brother and whole family and she wants to save them at any cost. Shivanya consoles her.

Anjali reads news that Ranveer gifted Deepika 3 crore ring on Eifel tower for their date anniversary. Angad says Rithik even he is having 6 month marriage anniversary soon and should buy a gift for bhabhi. Yamini comes and says she already gave her gift to her bahu and wants her son to buy a gift. Rithik says he will.

Sesha comes to Shivanya’s room to meet her. She changes to shivanya seeing Rithik coming. Rithik comes and says they are going on a date and forcefully takes her along. Yamini goes to kitchen and sees Shivanya preparing gobhi sabji for Rithik. She starts conversing and sees Rithik walking with another Shivanya. She checks kitchen’s Shivanya and realizes she is real one. She smirks thinking 2 nagins are behind her son, kabhi sautab kabhi saheli.

Rithik takes Shesha out and shows a smll car and says they are going in this romantic car. She hesitantly sits next to him cosily. He starts driving and with a brake she falls no him. He smiles and says he told it is a romantic car. They both reach jewelry shop. Rithik asks jeweler to show antique piece for his wife. Sesha sits and looks herself into mirror. Rithik goes out to speak over phone. Jeweler sees Sesha changing her face, goes out and telsl Rithik she is not the one whom he came with. Rithik says he has only one wife and laughs. Another customer flirts with her. she calls him out and asks if he likes to kiss her neck, shoulder, or lips. She kisses him and he dies. She asks if he liked her kiss. Rithik comes and she changes back to Shivanya. They both leave for home. After reaching home, Sesha thinks what will Shivanya feel knowing she went with Rithik. Rithik hugs her and ties her blouse lace. Sesha starts feeling for him.

Sangram singh searches book in haveli and does not find it. Yamini goes to her room and asks Ankush where is nagmani book. He takes it out from his secret safe and asks why she needs it. She says it will tell her what to do with nagin. He says he saw some snake charmer sadhus in market who were taking oath to kill 100 nag and nagins. Yamini reads book and says she knows what to do. She goes to Shivanya and says she had to go to market for some grocery but is not feeling well, so if she can bring grocery. Shivanya agrees and goes to market. Yamini followers her in 5th muderer’s dress with hat, mask, and overcoat. She calls snake charmer sadhus who start playing been. Shivanya gets dizzzy hearing been sound and turns into nagin. Snake charmers catch her and take her along with them. Yamini removes her mask and thinks this nagin went and she has to see what another nagin is doing with rithik.

Rithik dorns necklace to Sesha. Sesha hopes Shivanya does not come now as she will feel bad seeing her with Rithik. Rithik comes in front and she changes changes back to Shivanya. He says let us sleep now. She thinks how can nagin and human sleep together. She feels weird, then changes to Shivanya and asks what he needs. He says he does not want to push him. She says she will not. He asks her to hug him and sleep as he wants to feel her. She thinks why did he ask this. He says sorry for asking more than friendship demands. She sleeps next to him.

Snake charmers torture Shivanya and other nag nagins. They create a ring of fire around them. Shivanya’s mangalsutra breaks and falls down. She gets worried and asks Shivji what disaster will happen now. Sesha hugs Rithik and thinks she did not get this kind of feeling till now, why her heart is beating fast hugging Rithik. Snake charmers continue torturing Shivanya and one of them says he will sacrifice her and fulfill his wish. Shivanya calls Sesha. Sesha hears her plea and gets up, but Rithik pulls her back. She ignores Shivanya’s plea and feels Rithik again.

Precap: Rithik comes and stops snake charmer. Shivanya hides her face. Yamini asks Sesha to marry her son and gives nagmani as gift. Sesha sensuously dances with Rithik on Aaj Phir tum pe pyar aya hai…song.

Written Update by H Hasan

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