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Naagin 27th December 2015 Written Episode Update

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The episode starts with hawks attacking Sesha. Ankush and his group’s van meets with and accident and gets stuck on cliff and is about to fall when Ankush encourages Shaliesh that they have guru maa’s ring and nagin cannot harm them. Shailesh gets out of van with him and they both try to pull back car, but could not. Ankush asks everyone to get out of main door and then asks them to hold his and Shailesh’s hands till they reach guru maa’s cave.

Rithik sees his car tyres punctured and says Shivanya that tyres were fine when they went in but now punctured. He will inform mom that they cannot attend yagna. Shivanya relaxes and thinks she wanted Rithik not to attend yagna.

Ankush with group reaches guru maa’s cave and says nagin tried to harmed them and they somehow escaped and came here. Guru maa says only person can save them now, kaali maa. She will perform kali yagna and will bring kali maa here in a human form. Ankush says her rings could not protect them, will yagna protect them. Guru maa asks not to doubt kaali maa’s power and says only shivji can calm down kali maa and nobody can else. She is so powerful that she can do anything. Guru maa continues describing power of kali maa.

Guru maa starts performing yagna with Ankush’s group. Angad says it looks like he is watching movie. Guru maaa continues describing kali maa’s powers and says today kali maa will enter human’s body and willl destroy nag and nagin.

Sesha in snake form escape from hawks and reaches jungle. She changes back to human form and says why is she feeling vibration, what is happening to her. Kali maa comes on a lady and she starts drooling. Her parents ask what happened to her. Guru maa says not to worry, kali maa came . She calls girl. Girl falls down and shivers.

Sesha’s condition deteriorates and hawks try to attack her. She runs into bushes and says she will not go and let hawks take other nags.

Rithik tries to change his car’s tyres. Shivanya sees many snakes passing by and holds Rithik. Rithik asks where are these nags going. Shivanya says today is amavasya and they are going somewhere. He asks if they are her relatives and jokes. She thinks guru maa must be controlling all nags and tells Rithik that she is afraid of snakes. Rithik asks her to go and sit in temple while he changes stepnie.

Seha continues shivering and hiding from hawks. Shivanya also feels weak and starts turning into snake and thinks amavasya night has started and how should sheescape. She turns into snake and Guru maa’s hawk captures her and flies, while Rithik still continues changing stepnie.

Girl on whom kali maa entered starts writhing in pain and rolling around. Guru maa says maa kali has come and smiles. Lots of snakes come there. Ankush and group get tensed seeing so many nags/snakes. Guru maa calls them all, then gives red cloth band to Ankush and his group. Girl’s white dress tears and kali maa’s black dress emerges and she completely converts into kali maa. She converts from very fair color to completely black with kumkum on her forehead, hands on her waist and weapons arond her many hands. She then starts dancing.. Guru maa and all others tie cloth band around their eyes. Kali maa turns big, continues dancing, and kills icchadhari naags from her weapon. Sesha comes there and afraidly watches her people being killed. She runs to escape but kali maa catches her with her leg and pins her down. Shivanya also reaches and watches Sesha’s extremities being cut first and then her head.

Shivanya comes running, picks Sesha’s head and cries what happened to her. Sesha asks her to save herself. Just when Kali maa is about to behead Shivanya, she bows down in submission.

Bhairvanath Shiv idol that Shivanya, Sesha, and all other snakes have gone to Guru maa’s cave on kali maa’s order. Sesha and Shivanya are on the path of truth and shivji should protect them from kali’s power. Shivanya prays kali maa to spare her devotees. Kali maa spares her and leaves. Shivanya then goes in front of kali and shiv idol and prays that her parents were killed unnecessarily and now their murderers are using kali maa to kill nags. Shivji should protect them now. She picks Shiv idol and walks from there slowly. Kali maa runs towards her to kill her. She keeps Shiv idol on her feet and kali maa climbs idol and stops. Shivanya pleads to protect her devotees. Kali maa looks at her.

Kali maa asks icchadhari nagin, why did you come to kill my devotees. Shivanya says devotees killed her parents. Kali maa asks how did her parents die. Shivanya tells how her parents were serving shiv temple and Ankush and his friends killed them for mani. She loves her parents and waants to take revenge. She has taken this form to kill them and will never harm any innocent. If she dies from her hands, she will be happy, but if she think she is right, she should help her and give back life to her icchadhari nag and nagin clan. She should decide to help whether murderers or victims.

Precap: Ankush tells Shailesh that their 20-year-old secret is hidden in mansion and they should not have gone there. Shivanya hears their conversation and thinks she should know the secret to take her revenge soon.

Written Update By H Hasan


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