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Naagin 24th January 2016 Written Episode Update

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The episode starts with Rithik crying seeing Tanvi’s wedding ring. Shivanya consoles him and thinks she has to find out who killed Tanvi.

Kabeer laughs like and gestures like mangoose, looks at Shivanya and Sesha’s pic and thinks whom to kill first.

In the morning, Ankush’s family eats breakfast with Shailesh, Ramya and Kabeer. Yamini consoles Ramya. Pandit tells about last Tanvi’s rights. Rithik says he and Shivanya will go to immerse her ashes. Kabeer says even he will accompany them. They all go to ghat. Kabeer sees snake charmer and asks if he plays been/flute while charming snakes. Kabeer asks him to play flute until he says and gives him money. Snake charmer plays flute. Kabeer joins Shivanya and sees her slin changing to snake skin. She runs from there and then turns into snake. Kabeer also changes to mangoose and follows her. Bhairavnath sees mangoose and performs mantras and throws ash on Shivanya. Kabeer runs back from there. Shivanya gets back to human form. Bhairavnath tells her that mangoose was behind her and she escaped today, but mangoose may attack her again. She asks if mangoose was also icchadhari. He says he does not know.

Kabeer enters home in mangoose form. Ankush and Yamini discuss that according to Tanvi’s postmortem report, mangoose killed her.
Shivanya reaches back home with Kabeer and sees mangoose footprints on floor and thinks mangoose reached even here. Rithik says he will ask servant to clean footprints. Shivanya says she will clean it. She then gooes to her room and sees Shesha already waiting and informs that mangoose killed Tanvi. Sesha says a mangoose attacked even her today and they need to find out who it is. He passes via them and enters Viren’s wife’s room. She panics seeing mangoose. Shivanya enters and stares at it with sparkling eyes. It runs out from window. Viren’s wife then hugs her and cries. Mangoose runs on building and changes into Kabeer.

Yamini tells Ankush only guru maa can tell who the mangoose is. She calls Gurumaa and asks if she sent her mangoose to kill nagin. Gurumaa says if she would have sent mangoose, nagin would have died by now. Yamini thinks who is this mangoose now. Whole family then join and mourn for Tanvi. Ankush says Kabeer he can return back to Canada. He starts emotional atyachar and convinces them to let him stay in their home for some days.

Kabeer then goes to cave and eats cheese block like mangoose. A lady enters and he asks where is his cheese. She throws cheese block in front of him. He asks where is his gift. She asks to tell who is icchadhari nagin in Raheja family. He says he will not and once he kills nagin, she herself will know.

Rithik sleeps holding family album. Shivanya takes album and sees Tanvi’s pic in it and thinks Rithik is deeply traumatized by his friend’s death and she needs to console him. She wiggles her finger in her hair when he wakes up. Their nok jhok starts.

In the morning, Shivanya does gardening. Gardener says he will do it. She says she will continue and thinks with ground mud, she can identify mangoose footprints. Sesha comes there and Shivanya complains that she should not come to meet her often here as Ankush or Yamini may see her, what will she tell if they ask who is she. Kabeer enters and says he knows who is she. They both get tensed. He says she is a waitress. They relax. Shivanya asks them to speak and tries to leave. Sesha asks her to stay as Kabeer smells weird. Rithik comes there. Kabeer insists Sesha to take him on outing. Rithik comes there followed by his siblings. Inebriated sister insists to go with Kabeer and Sesha. Other 2 siblings also insist. Kabeer angrily agrees.

Rithik and Shivanya’s nok jhok start again. He flirts with her and she gets shy and also retaliates. He falls and hits his head on table and get an illusion of his replica raja and a man chained by Ankush and Shailesh. He then falls down. Shivanya sees him on floor and runs towards him.

Precap: Shesha asks Kabeer to become mangoose, herself becomes snake and starts fighting with him. Shivanya and Sesha beat Kabeer and asks who sent him. They then catch Suri’s wife and ask who is mastermind behind her. Someone shoots her.

Written Update By H Hasan


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