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Naagin 20th February 2016 Written Episode Update

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The episode starts with Shivanya seeing Rithik angrily sleeping turning his back on him. She goes out, calls Sesha, and asks why did she misbehave with Rithik as she cannot see him in pain. Sesha says he tried to get intimate with her. Shivanya says he thought it is her. Sesha says he tried to get intimate many times, but she brushed him off. Shivanya says she cannot see him in so much pain. Sesha asks what about the pain when he will know that she is nagin and wants to kill his dad. Shivanya comes back to room and sees Rithik still angry on her.

Sehsa reaches shiv temple and reminisces Rithik touching her repeatedly. She feels him and thinks why she is getting attracted to him.

In the morming, Shivanya and Rithik join family. Yamini tells Shivanya that she has to perform bal gopal pooja and whoever performs it will get bal gopal in her life. Shivanya stands silently. Angad sees Rithik and Shivanya standing sadly and tells Amrita and Anjali that their plan did not work. Anjali says after Ramya’s drama yestrerday, it is obvious. They discuss that they should do something. Anjali picks flower tray and asks shivanya to help ehr in fixing flowers on door. Shivanya follows her and Amrita. They ask Shivanya to climb chair and fix flowers. She climbs chair. They silently walk out sending Rithik near her. She slips, but Rithik holds her and reminisces their romantic days and then she shouting at him to behave and be in his limits. Shailesh with Ramya enters and apologizes Shivanya for doubting her. Ramya asks why did he apologize Shivanya. He reminds her that Tanvi told Shivanya was talking over phone and telling that she came here with a motto and will achieve it any cost. Shvianya has connection with nagin and he will kill nagin at any cost.

Sesha complains gurudev that Shivanya did not do pooja and is getting attracted to Rithik. She is surrounded by enemies and is risking her life. Gurudev says how can she do that. Sesha says she will bring Shivanya. Gurudev stops her and says one nagin’s powers can be transferred to another nagin. Sesha reminisces Shivanya sharing her powers with her and says he is right. Gurudev says they have to perform Krishna pooja to get back Shivanya’s powers.

Shivanya feels sad seeing Rithik angry on her. Yamini greets guests for bal gopal pooja. Rithik joins family for pooja. Shivanya reminisces Rithik gifting her lehanga choli and insisting to wear it. She wears it and comes in front of Rithik during pooja. Rithik looks at her and gets more angry. She thinks she wants to become human and experiene love. Shailesh tells her that Ramya forgot prasad in car and asks her to get it. She walks out. He calls his goons and orders them to kidnap her. Goons kidnap her and take her to factory. He tries to walk out when Ramya stops him and asks where is he going. He says behind nagin and leaves. She gets tensed that nagin will harm him. Rithik sees her tensed and asks what happened. She says uncle has gone behind nagin and he knows how dangerous nagin is. Rithik asks her not to worry he will bring back uncle.

Gurudev with Sesha starts Krishna pooja and asks her not to move until pooja finishes. Shailesh’s goons torture Shivanya. Shivanya hits them and tries to escape, but they catch her again. She calls Sesha for help. Shesha senses her and tries to get up from pooja, but stops seeing gurudev. Shivanya continues to fight with goons. Bal krishna comes from havan riding on snake. Sesha and Gurudev thank him for accepting their request and pray to give back to give back Shivanya’s powers. Goon tries to tear Shivanya’s clothes. A big clothes wraps around Shivanya and she falls down. Krishna gives back her powers and she becomes nagin and punishes goons. Rithik rushes in car behind Shailesh and calls him repeatedly, but he does not pick call. Shailesh reaches factory and is shocked to see Shivanya as nagin. Shivanya kills goons. Shailesh comes in front and says he will kill her today with guru maa’s ring. She backs off seeing ring. He laughs. She switches on cloth pressing roller and Shailesh’s hand gets stuck in roller and ring falls down. She girps him with her tail and starts her dialogues.

Shesha tells Gurudev that Shivanya called her and she should go. Gurudev stops her and says Shivanya got back her powers and knows what to do. Shailesh asks Shivanhya who is she. She says she is daughter of shiv mandir’s protector icchadhari nag couple whom he killed for nagmani and asks him to tell where nagmani is. He says he will never tell and she can kill him. She says human comes empty and goes with sin or blessings either to heaven or hell. She throws fire like dragon on Shailesh and burns him shouting this is nagin’s power. Rithik comes there and is shocked to see Shivanya is icchadhari nagin.

Precap: Rithik tells Ramya that she told him repeatedly that Shivanya is nagin, but he did not listen to her, Shivanya is indeed nagin. Sesha grips Rithik in her tail and strangulates him. Shivanya asks her to leave Rithik. Ankush holds Shivanya from behind and says he knows she is nagin.

Written Update By H Hasan


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