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Naagin 2nd January 2016 Written Episode Update

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The episode starts with Shivanya pleading kali maa to spare her icchadhari nagin clan and give them life back. Kali maa reunites Sesha’s head and body and then other nags. They all escape back and kali maa’s soul goes back into idol.

Guru maa senses something is wrong. Her hawk comes and attacks her. Yamini asks what is happening, why did her hawk attack her, what happened to yagna. Guru maa says she does not know anything and has to find out and asks them all to leave.

Rithik searches Shivanya near car. Shivanya and Shesha comes in snake forms. He sees Shivanya passing by in snake form and follows her. Shesha takes Shivanya’s form and asks what is he looking. He says he saw a snake over there. She says jungle is snake’s home. He asks her to get into car. She sits. Shivanya comes from behind and sits and Shesha leaves as snake.

Family reaches home. Arjun jokes it was a ghostly experience. Yamini scolds not to comment when he does not know anything and asks everyone to to go their room. Shailesh and Ankush discuss that they did not benefit from yagna. Ankush says it all started because of haveli secret, if they did not have gone back there after 20 years. Nagin saw them and is behind them now. Shivanya who passes by stops to listen secret of haveli. Rithik asks what is she doing. She says she forgot earring in car and will bring it. Rithik says he will bring it and leaves. She listens to Ankush and Shailesh’s conversation, but they don’t speak about it. She thinks she has to find out the secret.

Guru maa thinks if Kali maa killed nags or not. Her hawk comes. She asks to go and sit on kali’s shoulder if kali maa killed nags. Hawk sits on kali maa’s shoulder and then sits down. She realizes that nagin calmed down kali maa andgot her blessings, so she has to kill nagin by other means.

Shesha informs Bhairavnath how guru maa killed nags and Shivanya saved them. Bhairavanth gives her a red bag and says with this she can enter guru maa’s cave in human form for 30 min and kill her.

Rithik gets romantic with Shivanya and their nok jhok starts. They then sleep with pillow in between. Rithik gets a dream with him as a raja and something stabbing his back with dagger. He wakes up shouting. Shivanya hugs him and consoles. In the morning, she tells him that they should go on honeymoon. He gets very excited. She thinks she has to go to haveli to know its secret. Rithik informs Yamini that he and Shivanya are going on a vacation. She gets happy. He says to haveli. She gets angry and scolds him not to think of haveli. Shivanya comes and says Rithik means haveli named hotel. Yamini asks them to enjoy their vacastion. Arjun taunts Rithik.

Guru maa starts saint mela and calls saints to give animal sacrifice to kali to please her. Sesha enters as saint to kill her. Guru maa dances with saints and sings bhajan. Sesha starts turning into nagin and then back to human form. Guru maa gives prasad to everyone and then Sesha. Sesha says she wants to sacrifice. Guru maa says there is time for that. Sesha says every time is perfect for sacrifice and turns into nagin.

Rithik with Shivanya reaches haveli and asks her to wait in hall. He goes to room and decorates it for their honeymoon. She asks servant to give devdi/mansion’s keys. He says yamini ordered not to give it to anyone. She insists and he gives. She goes and hurriedly opens door. Rithik calls her and she joins him back. He takes her to honeymoon suite and says let us dance. She gets nervous. He plays music and holds her. Saanson ko saanson se dhalne do zara… they dance sensuously..

Sesha changes to snake and bites guru maa. Guru maa falls down and dies and turns blue. Shesha gets back to human form and smirks.

Precap: Shivanya does not find Rithik’s photo as king and asks where did it go. She then finds a door and thinks she has to get in to know haveli’s secret. She becomes snake and gets in.

Written Update By H Hasan



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