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Naagin 2 27th November 2016 Written Update

Yamini sees honey mountain color changing blue, sees says it is poison and asks kaali nagin/Sesha to save bee/Avantika. Bee Avantika sucks poisonous honey and falls down. Shivangi nagin comes out of honey mountain, spits fire on Yamini, Sesha and Vikram and escapes from there. Yamini yells at Sesha she is 113 years old, even then she could not save Avantika and kill opponent icchadhari nag. Sesha says if she had gone to confront icchdhari nag, she would have fallen from cliff. Yamini thanks to save her. She then acts as crying that Avantika is dead. Avantika relives and says only she knows how to kill herself, that poison was shivji’s karkotak nag’s and she knows antidote. Yamini asks how will she die then. Avantika says why should she tell her, in fact she saved her after Shivanya as Kaali maa killed her. Rudra hears their conversation and is shocked to see Avantika alive.

Rocky waits for Shivangi in cottage and enters her room after a long wait. He enters room and sees hermissing. He searches her in whole cottage. Shivangi comes from outside and says she had gone out and lost her way, she came back somehow, now they should go back home as badi maa/Yamini must be waiting for them. They both leave for home.

Yamini yells at her puppet partners that icchadhari nag must be somewhere around and they should search him. They search Rudra in jungle and does not find him. Sesha finds his blood on floor. Yamini yells if she is injured. Sesha says it is ichadhari nag’s blood and not her blood. Yamini says let us find out who he is and they all take blood to Kapalik and give it to her. Yamini asks to find out this nag’s face. Kapalika gets Rudra’s moustache and bearded face on havan kund. Yamini asks if anyone know him. Sesha says she has seen him, but don’t remember where she saw him. Yamini tells Kapalika that earlier guruma used to give protective taweez and had garud/hawk to protect them, what she has. She also gets hawk from havan and then makes taweez out of it for herself, Yamini, Avantika, and the masked man who had become grooom. Avantika gives her taweez to Vikram and says only Mahishmati women have powers and men are powerless, she identified imposter immediately and tested him. Kapalika says one of them have killed ichadhari nag’s wife. Yamini says Amar had killed someone in a hit and run case. Kapalika says it was ichadhari nagin and her partner Rudra wants to take revenge with them.

Rudra meets Shivangi and asks why did she come there. Shivangi says he is helping her, but it is her revenge to kill Yamini and her puppets. She sees Rudra injured. Rudra writhes in severe pain and says enemies are using his blood to torture him. They have seen his face, but it was withh beard, moustache, and long hair. Shivangi gets her poison in hand says for others it is poison, but for him it is medicine and applies poison on Rudra’s wound.

Rocky and Shivangi reach home. Shivangi standing in garden reminisces her childhood where she used to get afraid of crackes. Shivanya says she should not be afraid of anything and makes her burn crackers. Out of flashback, she cries. Rocky asks if she is remembering her mother. She says yes. He sees her sari pallu burning and tries to remove her pallu. She resists. He sets off fire with his hands and gets burnt. Shivangi gets worried for him and takes him in to apply medicine. She applies medicine and goes to change her dress. Once she comes back, Rocky says she has to get up at 4 a.m. to keep fast as per family rituals for partner’s long life. Shivangi thinks she wants to lessen his life instead. She says why woman has to fast always, why not men. They both go down and see Yamini and her puppets’ jokergiri. Sesha says even she will keep fast for her love’s long life, she means one she will marry in future. Rocky asks Yamini if he can also fast. Yamini smiles. Rocky says Shivangi to have something. Avantika comes and asks to bring something to eat and says Vikram is in swimming pool. Shivangi hears that and thinks of killing Vikram.

Shivangi goes to swimming pool and as nagin bites him, but falls far away. Vikram panics seenig snake and and runs from there. Shivangi thinks why can’t she kill him. She goes and informs Rudra about this. He sees a mark on her hand and asks what is it. She says she does not know, it was not there when she woke up. They both go to guruji who checks it and says it is garud bite and gets garud on fire. They all 3 cannot bear garud’s creeching. Guruji tells Kapalika got taweez for Yamini, Vikram, and others except Avantika and Sesha as they don’t need protection. At home, Vikram informs Yamini and Avantika that he found a big snake near swimming pool. Yamini shuts his mouth and yells everyone will know that she has many animals in her house.

Shivangi thinks how to check what protection taweez Kapalka gave to everyone. She changes as Avantika and goes Vikram’s room. Vikram wears kurta. She insists him to wear red kurta as his eyes glow in it. He removes his kurta and she sees garud taweez in his neck. She asks him to let her also check taweez. He removes it and stumbles on a table and drops taweez. He panics. She throws fake taweez on floor and shows it. He picks it and relaxes that he is safe.

Shivangi ges ready wearing a beautiful sari. Rocky brings food and asks her to have it. She thinks why she is unable to eat, if she really wants to keep fast and prolong Rocky’s life. She says she will eat later and comes out. She sees Vikram walking and follows him. Yamini stops her and says everyone is waiting down, they should go. Shivangi removes her sari pleats and says Yamini she will fix them and come and thinks how to kill Vikram now. Rudra comes and takes her form and goes down. Shivangi goes to kill Vikram.

Precap: Shivangi grips Vikram in her tail and says like he killed her mom, she will kill him today. She kills him and throws him in swimming pool.

Written Update by H Hasan

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