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Naagin 15th May 2016 Written Update

The episode starts with Shivanya telling Rithik that his siblings think she killed Ankush. He says he will tell them the truth, but will tell her truth, but will not tell Yamini’s truth as he does not them to hate their mother. He gives his protective ring to her. She says she cannot take it. He says she needs protection more.

Amrita and Divya online look at bridal dress designs. Angad joins them. Rithik enters. Amrita gets happy that her brother came. Shivanya comes behind. All siblings get angry seeing her and ask what is dad’s murderer doing here. Rithik says Shesha killed dad and not Shivanya. She even killed Shailesh and others. Shivanya says if they don’t want her here, she will walk out. Yamini says she can stay here.

Ramya enters. Yamini takes her to kitchen. Ramya strangulates her neck and becomes Sesha. She asks why she is busy entertaining Rithik and Shivanya instead of trying to get nagmani. Yamini asks her to take Shivanya’s form and get nagmani with Rithik. Sesha says she is nagin and not fool. Yamini asks her to spare Shivanya until Amrita’s marriage.

Evil bees attack Sangram and enter his body. He body turns red and yellow like fire and becomes evil.

Chaya comes to attend engagement. Amrita and other family members greet her in and joke with her. Yamini asks her to go and rest. Shivanya meets Chaya. Amrita yells at Shivanya. Chaya asks why is she misbehaving with her bhabi. Amrita says it is a big story, she will tell her late, but right now she will enjoy her engagement with Kabeer. Yamini taunts Shivanya and their argument starts. Yamini warns Shivanya that she will kill her soon. Shvanya says let us see who will stay here and who will die.

Rithik gets hospital’s call that Sangram’s condition is critical. He rushes to hospital with Shivanya. Sangram strangulates his neck, shouting he will kill him. Rithik thinks why baba is behaving weird. Shivanya consoles him that it is not baba, it is some evil spirit in baba. They both reach back home and their romance starts. Shesha gets jealous seeing their romance and thinks of killing Shivanya. Shivanya goes to kitchen. Sesha follows her and bites, but gets hurt herself instead due to gurumaa’s protective ring. She then thinks she will send her out and romance Rithik at least. She enters in Rithik’s form and tells yogi raj called and asked to come and take nagmani, he is busy, so she should go. Shivanya leaves.

Kabeer comes to Raheja house with his duplicate parents and reminisces Sesha and Shivanya killing him. He says he will kill nagins this time. His fake parents do over acting. He warns them to behave, else he will kill them. They enter Raheja house. Fake parents are meserized seeing such a big house. Kabeer warns them again to behave. A bit of jokergiri follows. Kabeer then meets Rithik who thanks him for accepting Amrita. Rithik asks if he will vanish even this time without informing. Kabeer says he came to vanish people instead this time and jokes his sister. He speaks weirdly and Rithik listens confused.

Sesha takes Shivanya’s form and thinks of romancing Rithik even if she loses her nagin’s form and become human, she will be immortal with nagmani anyways. She says Rithik she is not getting something and asks him come and help her. She goes to room and power goes. Kabeer entes. She thinks him as Rithik and says he understood her signal, she wants to romace him. She hugs him. He takes her into light and she is shocked to see Kabeer. Kabeer reveals her that he was dead with her and Shivanya’s attack, but Gurumaa saved him. He says he knows she wants nagmani and Rithik and kill Shivanya, he will help her in all this. She shakes hands with him and thinks she will kill both him and Shivanya and get nagmani. Kabeer thinks he will kill both nagins.

Amrita and Kabeer’s engagement starts. Kabeer’s fake mother starts jokergiri and asks if scene started. Kabeer says his mom thinks life is a shooting and signals mom. After Amrita’s ritual finishes, Rithik asks Yamini if Shivanya can perform rituals. Family fumes, but Yamini hesitantly agrees. Sesha as Shivanya enters and thinks she likes being with Rithik and hopes Shivanya does not return at all. She performs rituals and says Amrita and Kabeer make a good couple. Kabeer thinks he has to know which breed this nagin is of.

Sangram escapes from hospital. Kabeer meets Sesha who acts as Shivanya and says if he also got fooled, she sent Shivanya out long ago. Rithik enters and says Sangram went somewhere and she does not know where he went. She hugs him and says not to worry, he will be back and thinks good old man escaped.

Precap: Kabeer entrs Shivanya’sroom taking mangoose’s form and walks towards her. Shivanya feels his presence.

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