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Naagin 12th March 2016 Written Episode Update

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The episode starts with Shivanya with Sehsa and Gurudev saving Sangram Singh and after seeing his face realizing that he is Rithik’s real father. Sesha asks then who are Yamini and Ankush, why they are acting as Rithik’s parents and hiding the fact. Shivanya says she has seen Yamini caring her family so well and worried for them, so Ankush is culprit and he must have forced Yamini to keep the secret. Sesha asks if she remembers old pic in which Ankush is gardener/maali. Shivanya says yes and says she will go home soon and find out secret. Guruji asks her to rush home soon before anyone doubts her.

Shivanya reaches home and sees Rithik telling Ankush and Angad that they cracked 1000 crores worth deal today and it is all because of nagmani. Earlier he used to not believe in nagmani, but now believes. Angad says they will become billionaire now. Once Ankush and Angad leave, Rithik goes to Shivanya and tells he is happy to get nagmani for his family. She asks his family’s lineage and asks if his forefathers were rich. He says no, his dad earned al the wealth alone. She asks what was his father before earning wealth. He starts flirting with her. She insists. Yamini comes and says he was maali/gardener and used to dig ground. He single handedly built business empire and taking care of their family.

Yamini goes to room and tells Ankush that she informed Shivanya that he is maali. Ankush asks why did she say that. She says she praised him that he worked hard and built empire, etc.. She says today they will sell nagmani to foreigners for 200 crores and will become very powerful.

Shivanya meets Shesha and says she thought Rithik is innocent, but he is hands in gloves with his Ankush and stole nagmani. Ankush is meeting buyers today and they will get nagmani today. They both reach buyer’s hotel room and acting as entertaining them make them unconscious with mild poision and take their form. Ankush reaches with masked Yamini. They peep out and see 5th murderer. Only Ankush comes while Yamini waits in car. They take where is his friend. He says it is none of their business and shows nagmani and asks money. They give him 2 money suitcases and take nagmani and once he leaves, change into nagin and leave from there. Ankush goes back to car and show money suitcases to Yamini. Shivanya comes in nagin’s form comes in front of car. Yamini asks Ankush to take suitcases and escape. Ankush escapes. Shivanya thinks let him escape, she will find out who 5th murderer is. Yamini keeps gurumaa’s ring in front and starts car. Shivanya falls down. She then big very big. Yamini brings knife and silently stabs her tail. Shivanya escapes. Yamini then removes her mask and shouts nagin escaped, now she is so powerful that nobody can harm her, she is panchner’s rajkumari.

Injured Shivanya comes home and thinks she saved nagmani but could not see 5th murderer. Ankush also comes home and waits for Yamini. Yamini comes from back door and asks if he counted money. He says yes. She says now she is very powerful and does not need Rithik. They should kill Rithik now. Ankush says he will order his goons.

Rithik comes to his room at night and sees Shivanya’s injured leg. He gets concerned and tires to touch it, but Shivanya wakes up and saks him to stay away. He asks what happened. She says she stepped on broken glass in kitchen. nurses her wound. Yamini comes and says Rithik that she will prepare food for him. She then sees Shivanya’s wound and asks what happened. Rithik says she stepped on broken glass in kitchen. She asks Shivanya to be careful and says Ankush wants to meet him right now. Rithik follows her. Ankush tells him to receive his friend from airport. Rithik jokes how come he does not know his friend, if he is having a secret affair. Ankush says driver is on leave, Angad is out, and even he has important meeting, so he has to go. Rithik agrees. Ankush asks him to go via shortcut before his friend’s fight lands. Rithik leaves. Ankush calls his goon and asks him to finish Rithik and make him look like accident.

Shivanya and Sesha lift Shivling and Gurudev places nagmani on below shivling and says it is going back to Shivji. Sesha and Shivanya place back shivling to its original place. Injured Sangram Singh murmurs to save his son Yuvraj. Shivanya says Ankush wants to kill Rithik. She calls Rithik, but he does not pick as he is busy getting his car checked. Ankush’s goon cuts brake wires and tells Rithik car is fine. Rithik starts driving. Shivanya calls him again and he picks phone. She asks where is he. He says away from her, applies brake and says brakes have failed. She rushes in nagin’s form. Rithik’s car crashes from cliff and falls down in jungle, but Rithik jumps off on time. Shivanya reaches there.

Nagmani buyers comes to Ankush and asks to return their money as he did not give nagmani and took money. Ankush says he gave nagmani. Yamini comes and asks Ankush to return their money and says them she will get them nagmani soon. Once they leave, she tells maali that he gave nagmani to nagins and now they have to save Rithik. Rithik rolls from cliff and Shivanya in nagin’s form saves her. Sesha does not find Sangram Singh and informs Gudu dev. Gurudev says even nagmani is missing.

Ankush calls his goon and asks to save Rithik now. Goon says Rithik’s car fell from cliffe and bursted. Shivanya holds Rithik and says he is shivji’s blessings for her and she will not lose him, he is icchadhari nagin’s husband and love and she will not let him die.

Precap: Shivanya tells Rithik that she heard someone ordering to kill him by failing brakes. Yamikni shouts both money and nagmani is gone now. She goes to Gurumaa who brings icchadhari mor to kill nagin. Shivanya says Rithik that he gave nagmani to his parents to protect family, but they sold nagamni.

Written Update By H Hasan


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