MTV Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 6th 2015 Written Update By Waqas

Nandni relates to her room after shifting. He appears to be at her painfully, then comes to sit Apart from her and requires her hand caressing her bruises of rope. Nandini was seeking absent. Manik claims I am sorry, he took her from close to him and he couldn’t do everything. He cries and states I am so sorry. Tear fell off Nandini’s confront, he was about to wipe it. Navya telss chacha and chachi she was coming to carry them up, Manik goes clear of Nandini at once. Chachi ji tells Manik that Rishab’s T-shirt is there in balcony, he need to choose it. Manik will come out in the space and thinks regarding the soreness Nandini has been undergoing. He arrives down, Dhruv phone calls him and goes behind him but Manik doesn’t reply. Cabir states it truly is Nandini’s subject, He’ll check with him. Manik arrives out in yard pondering Nandini’s bruises. Cabir concerns him, Manik hugs him and cries. Cabir asks him to be strong, Manik asks how it transpired. It had been all standard, they were delighted, amazed, rain, candles and all the things and all of a sudden she disappears; how could he be so careless. Cabir claims he didn’t see it coming, he isn’t careless in any way. Manik claims he must have viewed it coming. Rithima texted him, he didn’t just take it significantly. He wanted to be with Nandini so he neglected it. He claims it really is his miscalculation, no matter what transpired. Cabir asks him to analyse The entire condition, worst didn’t materialize and Nandini is Safe and sound. Manik suggests he is responsible for this all and that Pandit… Manik’s eyes fill with rage and suggests he ought to have killed him. Manik says whenever I see Nandini’s deal with, I see my failure; the experience that generally smiled and make him smile has lost it right now and that due to him.
Chachi seems at Chacha ji nervous, she asks Nandini if she’s alright. She tells Nandini she appreciates she isn’t alright, but she appreciates she will be effectively soon. Nandini is quite potent, she doesn’t get defeated simply. Chacha ji asks Nandini to see He’s below, they’ll struggle towards that Pandit, she mustn’t be afraid at all. Nandini says she hopes to snooze. Chachi ji states its alright, tomorrow will be a fantastic working day. Nandini lays on bed.
Cabir claims he know discomfort decreases with time, he ought to give a while to Nandini. He promises that with time, his soreness and guilt will vanish, they always do.
Mukti suggests she hopes Manik is okay. Dhruv says Manik is tough, he can help them all everytime and he have to endure. Aaliya states Nandini is additionally associated here, its rough. Aaliya’s cell phone rings, she ignores it. Mukti asks who it really is. Aaliya says it is actually Harshid. Mukti asks him to consider it. Harshid asks Aaliya did they obtain Nandini, how is Manik. He suggests it can be presently so late, can he arrive at decide on her up and where is she? Aaliya asks isn’t he Fed up with displaying this fake issue, she is at Nandin’s area. She hangs up. Mukti says they know Harshid isn’t associated with everything. Aaliya suggests this time he isn’t, but who is aware of as he can’t be trustworthy.
Harshid does workout vigorously, straightens up and states Aaliya won’t extended miss her bhai now. In spite of everything He’s Harshdi Bhai, and it is so very good for being Back again!
Manik comes inside, chachi and chacha appear out. Manik asks how is she. Chachi claims she is asleep. Manik asks can all of them continue to be below tonight, she is in the condition of shock. Navya asks Every person’s consent, they all nod. Navya asks be sure to to chachi. Chachi suggests offcourse, Nandini would love it much too. Chacha ji suggests their residence is a little modest but they’re going to take care of the Place. Cabir claims there isn’t a dilemma, plus they don’t even rest during the night time so they can regulate. Manik says thank you to chachi and chacha.
Chachi provides the beddings for them to lounge. She notices Manik checking out the doorway constantly and relates to her. He says thankyou, he was imagining Nandini is alone; should he go and check if she requirements a little something. Chachi ji suggests she was feeling sleepy once they arrived down. Manik says alright. Chachi suggests till she arranges the beddings, he should choose turmeric milk to her. She begin to cry and many thanks Manik for what he has performed. Manik says he will likely be there, often.
Manik concerns Nandini’s room, she was awake and straightens up. He calls Nandini, she doesn’t answer. He sits beside her and provides her the turmeric milk, she denies. He states chachi instructed him she dislikes it, but chachi explained to him only he might make her consume it; so could be the challenge accepted. She denies getting it. He says he will display it, she will be able to then take it forward. He takes a sip, responds terribly then suggests it isn’t that poor. It isn’t terrible in the slightest degree. Nandin turns her facial area away. Manik asks if she thinks he didn’t consume it. He usually takes another sip, Nandini smiles looking at him respond to its taste. He appears to be at her in mirror and smiles back at her.

PRECAP: Manik and everyone at police station tells that its not the first time whatever has happened last night. Their witness will confirm it has been happening for years. Rithima says she doesn’t know what Manik has been talking about.


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