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Mohi 8th October 2015 Written Update

Rekha requesting Anusha to go alone to meet Rahul. She makes excuse of having meeting with her friend. Anusha refuses. Rekha tries emotional blackmail and convinces Anusha. Rekha thinks once Anusha goes there, Ayush will see her with Rahul and insult her, then Anusha will hate him. Manohar shows tantrums regarding food as family stopped him from having tobacco. He says he will not eat any ladoo or oily food, and walks to digest food. He says I will leave all the things before anyone blackmails me, everyone think about my health, its fine if they don’t make him helpless by acting clever.

Kaki asks how can he say this to Mohi. Manohar says I did not take anyone’s name, and is angry. Mohi gets sad and leaves. Manohar says look at her, did I say anything to her. Kaki says leave it now. Swati says maybe she felt bad. Manohar says yes, why not. Deepak and Satyakam have food. His sister Jhilmil is angry and asks Satyakam to leave soon, what disease he has that its not cured.

Deepak asks her to talk proper and treatment will take time. She says make him leave soon. Satyakam makes excuses. Jhilmil says about Vinay, who treats poor people for free, he won’t charge money, I will take you there tomorrow. Satyakam says we have to find Mohi soom.

Mohi brings laddoos and gives to everyone. Manohar stays annoyed and refuses to have laddoos. She keeps showing the laddoo plate and keeps tobacco box in it. She says I did big mistake, you said right, I don’t know how to respect elders and take care of them. She says I don’t have father and don’t know the relation, when I came here for work, Lord heard my prayers, I got a father in you and started respecting you, I forgot I m maid here, and have no right to call anyone a father. I will not do anything from today. They all get teary eyed while Mohi cries.

Manohar says this is superior, you troubled me and now producing me cry, I will never touch tobacco from nowadays, I swear on you, don’t say yet again which i m not your father, I m your father. Mohi smiles. Manohar claims you will be really nice, for those who say this once again, I’ll slap you by father’s proper. Manohar asks for laddoo. Mohi gives him one particular and asks him to Restrict sweets. He laughs.

Rahul fulfills Anusha in the café and starts off boasting about himself. He flirts with her and says he has her pics. She thinks he is Regulate freak. He tells bad about India, and asks her to come with him to United states, then she won’t ever wish to come back India, he has a big bungalow there. Ayush phone calls Anusha and looks at her from outside the house the café. Anusha sees him and receives tensed.

Ayush will come Within the café and sees them. Rahul receives occupied on contact. Ayush goes out and Anusha excuses herself. She goes to halt Ayush. Ayush will get indignant and says Rekha explained to me you’re below with Rahul, I don’t have any selection now.

Mohi gets electrical shock and falls. Ayush retains her.

Written Update By Sahir


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