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Mohi 7th November 2015 Written Update

Mohi coughing and getting unwell. Shanta gets worried and calls everyone. Swati and everyone worry for Mohi. Shanta says I just gave her walnuts, she eat it and then started coughing, I did not do anything. Swati says its fine, we did not tell you. Anjali calls Anusha to come and check Mohi, and says Mohi was eating walnuts, she got unwell. Anusha says I m away and would take much time to come, you take Mohi to dad’s hospital, I will inform him. Anusha tries calling Vinay to inform him. She calls hospital and gets to know about Vinay busy in OT. Anjali takes Mohi to hospital.

Anusha asks the lady to pass her message to Vinay about Mohi’s emergency case. Anusha attends the medical camp and checks patients. She worries for Mohi’s treatment. Anusha tells her friend about some emergency, she is not getting network in her phone. Anusha treats a girl and checks her. She asks her about her father. The lady says her father left her when she was young, write my name, I m her mother. The girl thanks Anusha. Anusha discusses about single parent matter to her friend. Anusha talks positive about some women and says I salute such women. Anusha recalls Mohi.

Anusha calls the hospital staff to know about Mohi’s treatment and worries. Mohi cries and gets unwell. Vinay checks Mohi. Anusha calls Anjali. Anjali says Vinay is checking Mohi, I will call later. Anjali calls Swati and says Vinay is treating Mohi, she will be fine. Shubhangi says I have informed Sharad, he is coming. Shanta asks why did you call him, is he doctor. Shubhangi defends Mohi, and says Vinay said Mohi will be fine later. Shanta gets angry and argues.

Shanta says I gave her walnuts for her good, I did not know this would happen. Swati says no one will blame you, we should pray that she gets fine.

Vinay suggests Mohi had some allergy, did she take in anything or consume, what she ate. Anjali claims Mohi had walnut, I believe dilemma began immediately after it. Vinay asks what, walnuts? He will get imagining as he has identical allergy. Ayush relates to meet up with Anusha for the healthcare camp. Her Buddy teases them. Ayush states he has arrive right here for perform, and tells her. He asks why is she hectic. She states she is anxious for Mohi. He suggests Mohi came between us once more. She asks him not to jump into conclusions. Anjali phone calls Anusha and suggests Mohi is fine. Anusha receives glad. Ayush asks what took place to Mohi.

Mohi wakes up and Anjali and Vinay smile viewing her. Anjali asks is she high-quality. Mohi nods. Vinay says you have strict allergy by walnuts. Vinay claims you ought to have requested Other people about it. Mohi says she didn’t know walnut allergy, she did not try to eat walnuts at any time, she had it for initially time. Mohi asks does Physicians deal with persons such as this, you scold like mum, Nana claims medical doctor really should address by smile. Vinay apologizes to her. Vinay thinks whats happening with me, Mohi., Bhuvana and this allergy.

Mohi talks to Vinay. He asks about her mum and Nana. She asks why is he inquiring.

Written Update By Amena


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