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Mohi 4th October 2015 Written Update

Episode begins with Ayush checking his laptop. It does not start and he tries hard to recover the data. Dheera says it is just an excuse and scolds Ayush. Ayush gets worried. Swati tells Kaki that Ayush was very happy today and they pray that his story gets published. Mohi hears them talking about Satyakam. Swati says police will find Satyakam from anywhere. Mohi leaves. Swati says maybe Mohi is missing her family, and goes to see her.

Anusha comes to meet Ayush at the office and gets to know Ayush’s boss has scolded him a lot. Ayush comes and says it was technical error, there is no data in it. Anusha asks when did he use it last time. Ayush recalls Mohi was there near his laptop. He gets angry and leaves. The family is busy in their usual work and are hopeful for Ayush’s article to publish tomorrow. Madhur says everyone congratulated me in college.

Ayush comes home and asks about Mohi. They all ask what happened. Mohi comes there and Ayush starts scolding her about damaging his laptop. Manohar asks what will Mohi do this. Ayush says she has damaged my laptop, all data got deleted, even Satyakam’s story. They all get shocked. Ayush says Mohi was standing near my laptop, it did not start, maintenance staff said hard disk crashed. Shubhangi asks her kids to say did they do anything, as they also went there. Mohi defends them and takes blame on herself.

Mohi says she was just seeing it, its her mistake, some buttons were hit and it stopped working, you can punish me. Sharad asks why did she touch it if she did not know to use. She says she did mistake. Ayush asks mistake or did you do it intentionally, afterall you are…. Madhur asks why did she do this intentionally, tell us reason, why do you feel so. Ayush says he knows Mohi has done this. He thinks she did this to save Satyakam. Mohi thinks she should never do so to take revenge.

Sneha and her brother Sanchet tell about playing on laptop and they fought, which damaged the laptop, Mohi did not even touch it, we were afraid and asked Mohi not to tell anyone. Sharad raises hand being angry they lied. Mohi takes the kids and asks them not to beat the kids, he can beat her instead, kids are like Lord’s avatar. Sneha says sorry.

Manohar suggests we get some lesson by each blunder. Sneha claims Certainly, we must always never ever lie. Sanchet claims we should acknowledge problems. Manohar suggests we should not touch other’s factors rather than consider other’s blame, lying is lying even its to avoid wasting someone. Swati tells All people about Mohi’s honesty and goodness. Ayush goes to his home and receives pendrive. He gets happy possessing Satyakam’s Tale in his backup. He gets Mohi’s letter who asks her not to put in writing against Satyakam, he is excellent man, else Ayush would’ve not return property.

Archana asks Vinay about Bhuvana and states he has also long gone there a few years back. He gets thinking of Mahua.

Written Update By Sahir


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