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Mohi 4th November 2015 Written Update

Mohi cleaning the slipper and giving to Shanta. Shanta asks her does she really not know her father, or is she acting to get their sympathy. They all get shocked. Swati says Shanta was asking about Mohi, so we told her everything. Shanta says Mohi is just a maid, not your relative, you should know about her father and family. She asks how is Mohi’s father. Mohi cries and says she does not know.

Shanta asks does your mum also not know who is your father. Mohi gets angry and asks her to say anything to her, not to her mum. They all look on shocked. Mohi says else… Shanta asks what will you do….. Kaki asks Mohi to apologize, as Shanta is elder. Mohi says why, if I tell this about Shanta’s mum, how would she feel. Shanta shouts on them. Shanta refuses to apologize to Mohi.

Aaji gives sweets to Vinay. Vinay says if Anusha comes, she will not leave me. Anusha comes and catches them eating sweets. She eats sweets and says it has much calories. She eats a lot. Vinay asks how many will she eat. Anusha leaves just one piece and says how will I burn so many calories. Aaji asks her to eat the last piece too. Vinay laughs. Anusha leaves. Vinay and Aaji have a talk about Anusha going in few days.

Madhur asks Shanta to calm down and sit. Sharad asks Shanta not to feel bad, Mohi speaks like that. Ayush looks on. Mohi gets a candle and takes Shanta’s slipper. They all ask her what is she doing. Mohi puts the slipper near the candle flame. Shanta shouts. Madhur asks what is Mohi doing. They all get shocked. Mohi says she has cleaned the slipper and will burn it now, Shanta has to say sorry if she wants to save her fav. Slipper.

Shanta and everyone glance on stunned. Shanta stops Mohi and says her slipper might be burnt. Mohi claims Indeed, I understand, say sorry and save your slipper. Madhur asks Mohi to leave the slipper. Madhur asks Mohi to stop this. Mohi will not hear them. Kaki asks Mohi to keep slipper on the bottom. Mohi refuses and suggests Shanta reported poor points about my matters, say sorry and help you save your slipper. Swati will get tensed and asks Mohi to not be adamant.

Manohar asks Mohi to prevent it. Shanta says ample, quit begging to her, Shanti goes to Mohi and appears at her. She folds arms and states forgive me, sorry. She fumes and says I explained it. Mohi keeps the slipper and blows off the candle. Mohi claims sorry, I ought to have not behaved in this manner, if any one suggests undesirable about my mum, I’m able to’t bear it, that you are elder, forgive me. Shanta wears the slipper and goes from there.

Mohi tells Ayush that even she isn’t going to such as this, she’s suhaagan and will’t have sindoor and mangalsutra.

Written Update By Sahir


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