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Mohi 31st October 2015 Written Update

Anusha practicing to make rotis. Aaji comes and asks what is she making. Anusha says she is making puran poli. Aaji asks is this puran poli. Anusha says yes, you can joke, see this internet recipe, I followed it, its not my mistake. Aaji says nothing, I will teach you to make puran poli. Anusha asks really? Aaji says yes, see how Ayush and his family like it, men’s heart way is through stomach. Rekha comes and asks what is Aaji teaching, Anusha will doctor, not a cook at Ayush’s home.

Aaji says cooking is also an art, every woman should know cooking. Rekha asks where is this written, can’t Ayush learn cooking. Aaji says men cook well in restaurants, but cooking at food needs patience and love by wife, that’s why every man loves home food. Rekha says I don’t agree, woman’s life is outside house in enjoyment. Anusha says I enjoy doing household work. Rekha says then no use to explain you, enjoy your cooking session. She goes.

Ayush talks to Mohi. Ayush acxts rude to her and goes. She feels she will never do anything that goes against Ayush. Anusha makes puran poli and Vinay likes it. Anusha tells Rekha that Vinay went to Ayush’s home, and Mohi shocked him, Ayush called and told me everything. She says Mohi did not say her mum’s name about some problem on her mum if she takes name. Rekha asks Vinay why did she ask her mum’s name. Vinay says I wanted to help her. Rekha says so you want to find her father.

He asks Anusha to send puran poli and tea to his room and goes. Rekha thinks why is Vinay interested in knowing about Mohi. Madhur asks Sharad did he learn controlling anger by reading books? Manohar asks will you not get angry on anything? Shubhangi says he did not scold me since he came from office, I m tensed. The kids come and show their report cards. Sharad gets angry seeing report cards with low grades. Everyone stare at him.

Sharad suggests I imply we should not see kids’ talent by grades. All people say wah wah. Mohi claims she really wants to ask one thing. Sharad states request, I m in great mood. Mohi suggests I had been stating, go away it, you will be indignant. He claims no, question me. She will not say and he will get offended. He claims I said I won’t shout, I will likely not get angry, don’t you have an understanding of. Everyone search on. Mohi says I understand, you may’t Manage anger by any e-book. Everybody laugh observing Sharad. Sharad feels insulted.

He goes to home and tells Shubhangi that Mohi insulted him. He says Mohi is just maid for me, she has carried out a big mistake right now and is rather annoyed. Mohi will get some stone and prays declaring Bhole Baba. She says she may be very happy and can choose it.

The women have a talk in kitchen area. Mohi shows them Bhola Baba. Kaki says we pray to Ganpati Bappa. Mohi suggests This really is Mahadev, I would like to pray and want some assist. Shubhangi asks what. Mohi asks them to complete what she tells them.

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Written Update By Amena


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