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Mohi 29th September 2015 Written Update

The Episode starts with Rekha taunting Deepa about her husband not being with her on festival. Ayush looks on and gets annoyed. Rekha thinks it seems everything is not fine here as they show. Anusha and Ayush go to talk. Rekha tells Vinay that she has imp meeting and has to go. Vinay asks her to take Bappa blessings and go. Deepa talks to her husband and says I won’t come back, don’t call me again. Anusha and Ayush come there. Ayush says sorry, we did not wish to hear it. Deepa acts rude to Ayush. Anusha tries talking. Deepa asks her not to interfere in her personal problem. Ayush asks Anusha not to feel bad.

Rekha asks Mohi to have water for her soon, she would not practice to wait. Vinay asks Rekha is she positive to possess h2o by Mohi’s hand. He requires Mohi’s hand. Deepak provides Satyakam to his sister Jhilmil’s spot. She acts impolite and asks him to help keep house right now. Satyakam says he has come for treatment method. They speak with Jhilmil and she won’t explain to about maid in Ayush’s dwelling. Satyakam would not really feel bad and thinks what is likely to be Mohi bearing.

Rekha exhibits tantrums in Ayush’s dwelling and asks Anusha to return household along her. Kaki asks how can she go, foodstuff is ready. Rekha states sorry, I am able to’t wait below, I have some do the job, I have to attend puja at other area, persons are waiting, I’m able to’t waste all day listed here. Swati says go away Anusha in this article, Ayush will fall her. Sharad states Anusha and Ayush has some decide to head out. Rekha asks Anusha will she go on bicycle in these garments. Anusha suggests she has received A different garments. Rekha asks whats the use to go on bike in these kinds of incredibly hot temp, and reminds them to acquire AC here, as she feels suffocated in this article. Madhur receives angry and stops Rekha.

Madhur states we can get AC, but every one of us are awesome minded persons and don’t need AC. Rekha suggests it’s possible, but Anusha has practice of AC. Sharad says we know Anusha, she is additionally cool and quiet like us. Anusha suggests I don’t want AC, I get sinus by it, I keep AC off in my area, all-natural air differs. Rekha states you all appear exact same, I m different, superior I’ll depart, many thanks for almost everything. She asks Anusha to inform her father that she is waiting in her AC automobile for him.

Mohi offers water to Vinay. He apologizes from Rekha’s facet. He asks her to describe her village in 30seconds. She tells about her village. She states daylight comes for 3-four several hours inside our village. He recollects Bhuvana. He asks the title of your village. She claims her village identify is Bhuvana. He recollects the village and says 50 % of his existence invested there. Anusha asks Vinay is he all right. He states Certainly. Anusha says I m remaining in this article, mum is waiting for you in auto. He leaves.

Manohar, Madhur and Sharad praise Vinay and are annoyed by Rekha’s behavior. Madhur says Rekha should remember we are groom’s family. Manohar asks him to calm down. Shubhangi asks them to have food fast, as Anusha and Ayush have to go out. Anusha smiles. Mohi gets thinking.

Mohi talks to some lady and family looks on. Vinay is worried. Archana asks did Mohi shock you again.

Written Update By Sahir


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